#MotivationMonday: Ways To Get Back To Working Out
#MotivationMonday: Ways To Get Back To Working Out

Gym used to be your second home, but now it’s just a place that you used to know.

So, you’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon. Gym used to be your second home, but now it’s just a place that you used to know. You want to get back, but your legs turn into stone whenever you think about hitting the weights again.


Well, it’s possible to get back into shape, provided you make some changes to your attitude. Like these things.


Don’t think about how much progress you’ve lost


You might have been a ripped man, but now there’s a lot of flab on your body. Don’t fret. You’re still alive, and you can still workout. Given a few months’ time, that ripped physique will be back.


Take every day as it comes


It’s an age-old advice that you should not worry too much about the future, and focus on the present. When it comes to getting back to working out, following this advice works like a charm. Be disciplined, and do your job every day. The results will come.


Try a different type of workout


We like learning new things, so if you had earlier got your body into shape using weight-training. Then, this time, try Zumba, Crossfit or Mixed Martial Arts. A new workout regime will be new, and you won’t get thoughts about how weak you’ve become in comparison to your previous self.


Go with the attitude that little workout is better than no workout


You might not be able to sustain a 1 and a half hour workout regime during your first couple of weeks, but you can bang in 20 minutes intensely and that is healthier than doing zero minutes. Even working out once a week to begin with, is better than not trying to get back at all.

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