8 Cultural Trends Of 2024
8 Cultural Trends Of 2024

Grandpa-core, Jellyfish aesthetics and more.

Keeping up with pop culture trends often feels like trying to catch the last train home by the edge of your fingertips. You eventually get there, but rarely are you truly on top of it. However, in 2024, Pinterest appears to have simplified this with its initiative called “Pinterest Predict,” gathering data from search terms to analyse what might become the next big thing and what might not. Having said that, here are eight interesting future trends that we found.


Jellyfish Aesthetic



According to the image hosting website, both Gen Z and Millennials devoted a significant amount of time to searches for jellyfish haircuts, jellyfish hats, jellyfish umbrellas, and similar items. The search volume surged by up to 615 per cent, leading one to ponder, “Could jellyfish aesthetics be the next big trend?”


Western Goth



Similar to the resurgence of mom-and-dad jeans from the ’90s, the once-forgotten Western aesthetic trend seems poised for a comeback next year, albeit with a twist. According to the website, searches for “Western Gothic” have risen 145 per cent. Yet, this trend seems confined to home decor, with searches such as “western bedding ideas” and “country room ideas” spiking by 310 per cent and 125 per cent, respectively.


No More Minimalistic Kitchens



The days of dreary, monotonous kitchens that could depress even a Victorian child are long gone. According to Pinterest, people are opting to infuse more colour into their lives, particularly in their kitchens, as searches for “eclectic,” “eccentric,” and “kitschy” kitchen designs are on the rise.


Off-roading Elderelys



The younger Gen Z and Millennial groups seem focused on inward trends, but the older Boomer and Gen X generations are embracing adventures beyond the beaten path. According to Pinterest, searches for “Off-road camping” have risen by 90 per cent, and “Overland gear” is up by 110 per cent among this demographic.


More Groovy Weddings



It seems the era of pastel weddings has faded, replaced by a shared enthusiasm among Boomers and Millennials for disco-inspired decor and bohemian bachelorette parties. According to the data, searches for “Groovy wedding” surged by 170 per cent, “70s bride” by 50 per cent, “Retro wedding theme” by 80 per cent, “Groovy bachelorette party outfit” by 110 per cent, and “Retro bachelorette party decor” by 35 per cent.


Bringing The Bow Back



Bow stacking is set to be the go-to trend for Millennials and Gen Z, designing their outfits, shoes, hair, and jewellery with this rather interesting little detail. As per the website, both big and small, bows will be seen everywhere next year, with searches for “Bow outfit” surging by 190 per cent, “Bow necklace” by 180 per cent, “Bow aesthetic” by 55 per cent, “Bow crochet” by 80 per cent, and “Heels with bows” by 40 per cent.





Love it or hate it, the eclectic Grandpa style seems to be the next thing in 2024. Gen Z and Boomers alike are seeking out keywords such as “Customized denim jacket,” “Eclectic clothing style,” “Grandpa core,” “Retro streetwear,” and “Grandpa style.”


Combat Workouts



It’s time to reconsider that Zen Yoga membership. 2024 is all about combat sports as a stress-relief method. Martial arts are set to take the spotlight, with a whopping 265 per cent surge in searches for “kickboxing aesthetic” and a 200 per cent spike in “mixed martial arts training.”


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