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 Nike Celebrates Air Max Day: 27 Years of Greatness Nike Celebrates Air Max Day: 27 Years of Greatness
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mansworldindiamansworldindia: Last year, we spoke to everyone involved in #NationalAward winner Ship of Theseus. Here's our story:

mansworldindiamansworldindia: @kalkikanmani @VSabap Noted. Will change asap.

mansworldindiamansworldindia: Did you know Raj Kumar Yadav wants to act with Meryl Streep? Here's our interview with the #NationalAwards winner |


KRIS GETHIN with KRIS GETHIN Kris Gethin is a qualified sports therapist and professional natural bodybuilder. He trains Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham and Mahesh Babu.

I am a 27 year old working professional, weighing 82 kgs and 5 feet 8 tall. I work out 4-5 times a week;I'm eating healthy too, avoiding carbs and sweets.My workout includes jogging/running/bike/cross training and weight training. But, it has been 4 months and I haven’t seen any results. I have no clue why there is no weight reduction whatsoever. Please help. 

- Akshay Khanna, Indore

Kris: I cannot accurately answer your question because you havent dealied your daily eating habits. Ovoiding the usual junk food doesn’t mean you will automitcally drop fat. Foods like almonds, cereals, fruits, dairy, and many starchy carbohydrates may be considered healthy, but eaten at the wrong times in the wrong amounts may reak havoc on your goals. Try eating a lean form of protein such as poulty, fish or egg whites with an equal sized portion of oatmeal, brown rice or brown bread along with green leafy vegetables and salad 4-5 times per day along with a couple of protein shakes mixed in water and I am sure the fat should begins shedding.

I am 25 and weigh 76kgs. I want to have an athletic body. I’ve been in the hostel for the last 3 years and hence had acquired bad eating habits which made me put on weight. I jogfor almost 3 kmsevery day along with basic exercises. I swim for an hour in the evening too. I have both chapattis and rice for my lunch and dinner. Please advise necessary changes. 

Pankaj Kumar, Mumbai

Kris: From what you have described to me, you are only eating two times per day. You need to drastically increase your meal frequency to 5-6 times per day if you want to see a noticable change on your physique. You frequetly exercising but failing to fuel your muscles allowance for recovery. Without frequesnt feeding intervals of every 2-3 hours, you will lose muscle slowing your bodies metabolism and effciency to burn fat while building muscle. 

I am 27, 5'11" and weigh 65 kgs.  I am quite underweight and skinny. I do not have an eating disorder and have a healthy appetite. How can I gain weight fast? Please tell me if there are any good supplements that I should take. I find time only for basic free hand exercises, thanks to my job. 

Akash Sharma, Delhi

Kris: Your body is of an ectopmorph meaning that you burn calories overefficiantly. I recommend that you eat calories dense food but of those that are healthy options. Try eating several whole eggs with brown toast for breakfast followed by a Mass Builder protein shake a couple of hours following that. At midday, aim for a couple of chicken breasts, two cups of cooked rice and a tablespoon of coconut oil as dressing. Again, two hours following take in a Mass Builder Protein Shake. Your last meal of the day can be a large portion of paneer, 1 fried egg and a portion of potatoes. The above plan delivers plenty of calorioes coming from clean carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, lean forms of protein to feed your muscles and healthy fats to maining hormone levels required for mass building. 

Have a question for Kris? Send your queries to