Dino Morea's Morning Routine
The Actor’s Morning Routine

Dino Morea spills the secret sauce to looking the way he does

Blame it on his genes or an unearthly resolve to beast-up at the gym, but there’s no refuting that Dino Morea’s insanely ripped body evokes major bouts of envy on Instagram and even otherwise. At 47, the actor—who recently ventured into Tollywood with Agent—believes in following a robust wellness routine. Perhaps, there’s a secret in there? We find out.  



Q1. How do you start your mornings?  
I wake up by 6-6:30 am on weekdays and spend some time in silence (meditate and pray) for about 25 mins. I get fresh soon after, have some coffee, have something light to eat before working out, or talk to my plants if I’m exercising in the garden, followed by a cold shower. I’m usually ready to hit the day by 9:30 am.  

Q2. What sits on your bathroom shelf? 
My toothbrush, hand wash, colognes, a day cream and a night cream.  


Q3. Grooming staples you swear by? 
A face wash, day cream, sunscreen and an under-eye cream. There’s also some coconut oil, body oils and colognes.  


 Q4. Your signature day and night scent.  
I don’t have a go-to but am fond of Creed fragrances as well as Armani and Gucci perfumes. I’ve got a whole bunch, which I tend to pick from depending on the night ahead.  


Q5. How do you like your coffee? 
With a dash of milk and no sugar. I usually eat walnuts and almonds with honey.  


 Q6. And a typical breakfast looks like… 
Idli, poha or puttu. Lots of bananas and fruits in general. Sometimes its eggs and avocadoes on toast. I’m largely consuming a plant-based diet currently and try to avoid meat for the most part.  

Q7. What’s your current workout routine like? 
On certain days, I’m at the gym strength training in the mornings. On other days, I enjoy a good football session and Calisthenics exercises. My football routine is regular and everything else is built around that.  
Q8. Different news portals you check out in the morning? 
Mornings are about not looking at my phone too much and instead spending quality time with myself. So, I don’t check out portals in the morning.   

Q9. What’s on your playlist? 
I usually have some random upbeat music playing in the backdrop as I get dressed, which peps me up for the day.  

Q10. What are you currently reading? 
I’m reading three books actually. Two of them being You are the Universe by Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. 

Q11. Three things on your nightstand. 
My chargers (kept at a distance), of course, eye pads, my rosary, and a bottle of water.  

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