6 Homegrown Brands That Are Likely To Have A Major Moment In 2024
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Six homegrown brands that are making waves in 2024

Indian designers and fashion houses are making significant strides on the global style scene. From the creative geniuses of Gaurav Gupta, Rahul Mishra, and Dhruv Kapoor to the sophisticated designs of Bibhu Mohapatra, the Indian fashion landscape is flourishing.


Back on our home turf, a fresh wave of creativity is sweeping through the industry, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Indian fashion game is evolving, creating an ecosystem that provides young talents with the perfect platform to showcase their flair. In this dynamic mix of fashion frenzy, from the glamour of fashion weeks to the influence of both celebs and internet personalities, everyone’s rallying behind these emerging designers. Here are six rising stars and brands that deserve a spot in the limelight.





Forget your beige boxes and predictable patterns. KOY isn’t your average homeware brand. It’s a riot of colours, a playful wink to Indian mythology, and a celebration of handcrafted artistry, all dreamed up by designer Kunaal Kyhaan. Given his deep love for mythology, Kyhaan infuses his designs with subtle nods to gods and goddesses, elephants, and peacocks. From their satin beach shirts with classic Mughal miniature paintings to their trend-setting raw silk iridescent suits, KOY’s a love letter to India’s rich heritage, woven into every curve and texture.


Perte D’ego



Perte D’ego shuns the glitz of mass production for the quiet intimacy of craftsmanship. Each garment is a labour of love, born from the hands of skilled artisans. The intricate embroidery and the sun-kissed dyes, they’re not just embellishments; they’re living threads connecting you to the rich tapestry of tradition. Perte D’ego embraces a zero-waste philosophy, crafting each piece in small batches, only when love calls. No trend-chasing, just timeless designs made to cherish, each one a whispered promise of slow fashion’s gentle embrace.





Let’s be honest, “bespoke” has become a bit of a buzzword, tossed around like designer jeans at a frat party. But OS BY OS isn’t about ticking a box on a trend list. It’s about obsession. The kind of obsession that leads a man like Owais Shaikh to deconstruct suits like a mad scientist with a needle and thread. He dissected suits like Da Vinci sketched the human body, learning their language, their rhythm, and their potential for pure sartorial alchemy. OS BY OS is a masterclass in nuance, which makes this label a celebrity favourite. From Ranbir Kapoor to Shah Rukh Khan, Owais’s suits are not just clothes; they are conversations.





Rosani is the rebellious nephew at the family reunion, shaking things up with a kaleidoscope of colour and a defiant sense of self. Rohitash Notani isn’t just designing clothes; he’s crafting tapestries of identity. Think jewel-toned jackets that shimmer like desert mirages, shirts that billow like prayer flags in the wind, and trousers that move with the swagger of a confident nomad. Notani’s canvas is the human form, and he paints it with the vibrant threads of his own life, a life split between bustling Milan and artistic Berlin, seasoned with the rich spices of his Indian roots. It’s a beautiful mess, this cross-pollination of influences, and this is precisely what makes Rosani so damn exciting.


Erode Clothing



When you think of Tamil Nadu, does Kanchipuram silk come to mind? Designer Mayank Butra, hailing from Rajasthan but raised in Erode, Tamil Nadu, challenges this stereotype. For him, Erode is more than just silk; it’s a place where design is a thoughtful dialogue with time-honoured techniques. Picture silks reflecting nature’s subtleties, cottons narrating tales of sun-drenched fields, and Jamakkalam weaves (a type of hand-woven carpet or blanket originating from Bhavani, a town in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu, India) etched with geometric precision. When Tan France wears their designs, we have to take them seriously. This brand swings between contemporary and streetwear, and their conscious efforts are just the icing on the cake.





Fashion, to many, is a fickle industry of fleeting trends. But for Margn, it's something far deeper - a refuge, a confidante, and a portal to personal narrative. Founded by Ranjit Yadav and Saurabh Maurya, this Indian collective weaves not just garments, but memories, emotions, and a profound connection to their heritage. The silhouettes are a blend of sharp tailoring and hand-knitted warmth, referencing functional workwear yet imbued with a distinct personal touch. Artisanal craftsmanship takes center stage, each stitch echoing the tireless hands of rural communities across India with whom Margn collaborates closely.

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