The Most Bizarre Shoes Out There
The Most Bizarre Shoes Out There

From MSCHF’s Big Boots to Rick Owens’ medically-inspired footwear

There was a time when iconic footwear was defined by the inimitable prowess of a world-class designer (what’s up, Tom Ford) or a mega brand dropping a hype-worthy line that would see every A-grade celebrity bare their bank accounts. Now? Things have gotten seriously weird. Headline-worthy shoes mean whacko designs and unconventional silhouettes that you’d imagine Ronald McDonald or Elmo wearing. Footwear not made for the common man, but should you dare, your IG numbers are guaranteed to spike—probably not for the right reasons.  


MSCHF’s (many) Big Boots 



Image Credits: Instagram/sausagelord/ Vis MSCHFSNEAKERS


When the OG Red Boots dropped early this year, sneaker fiends were undecided on whether the “Cartoon boots for a cool 3D world,” put out by firebrand New York-based collective MSCHF were in fact a meme or a tangible product. Turns out, not only were they real but the Astro Boots were easily one of the biggest and wildest footwear moments of 2023. The shoe sold out before you could say WTF and did serious numbers in the resale market. So, it was only fair that MSCHF would cash in and release a yellow iteration in collab with Crocs that musician Tommy Cash debuted at the Rick Owens show at Paris Fashion Week in June. Now, it’s time for a stealthy black version that was spotted on videographer and content creator Javel Berlin this week. MSCHF confirmed that it was the first sighting of the Big Black Boot, hinting that a release date was imminent. But you can be sure that hype beasts are already salivating.  


COMME des Garçons Homme Plus’s Double-Footed Derbys 



It’s not unusual for the Japanese powerhouse to occasionally throw up one-of-a-kind pieces that blur the lines between fashion, art, and the downright bizarre. Stuff that takes serious cojones to pull off, like these outrageous derby shoes that were hard to miss at the brand’s Spring/Summer 24 presentation. Made in collaboration with Shintaro Yamamoto’s label Kids Love Gaite, that’s already known for its alternative shoes, this crazy pair is very much for practical use, with your feet spreading out between the two silhouettes. But would you really risk permanent damage in the name of the drip?  


Rick Owens’ Medical Boot 



The god of disruptive, progressive fashion continues to wield his wizardry by putting out fresh fashion each season in a manner that highlights his own myriad creative processes. For his Spring/ Summer 2024 presentation, Owens swapped his signature boxy t-shirts and drop-crotch pants for an austere take on formalwear—think billowing tunics, floor-scraping slacks, and shirts that flip over. But, perhaps, one of the biggest scene stealers was Owens interpretation of the medical boot. A super-strappy and never-ending sandal, exuding a lethal combination of BDSM and stark minimalism. It’s not for everyone but frankly, neither is Rick Owens. 


Rains’ 3D-Printed Puffer Sneakers 



It may not be the most popular brand on this list, at least in the Indian market, but these nutty sneakers are guaranteed to be the hitmakers of your closet. Denmark-based brand Rains that are serious players in the outwear segment—making kickass wares for the luxurious outdoors—thought it would be fun to adapt their signature puffer jackets onto your feet. So, they roped in 3D-printing enthusiasts Zellerfeld for a shoe that’s as tech-advanced as it is eye-catching. Each pair is built with 3D-printing tech to achieve a sublime fit and finish. Cutting-edge tools fill the puffer-inspired chambers with 90% air for soft cushioning. And there’s a latticework sole in there to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. That it comes in three colourways, red, oat and blue is just them showing off.  

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