5 Exercises For Better Sex


Are you dissatisfied with your sex life and need a boost? Then all you need to do is hit the gym right away because exercising not only helps you burn fats and build muscle tone, but it also improves your sex life. Don’t believe us? Well, try these exercises for about a month and see for yourself how it benefits you in the bedroom. Go ahead.


Kegels (or Pelvic Floor Exercises)



This is done to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which contract during an orgasm. For men, this leads to long-lasting and stronger erections while for the ladies, these pelvic exercises helps them orgasm better.


You can begin with interrupting the flow of urine when you’re in the bathroom so as to familiarize yourself with the process. All you need to do is hold the area (as if you’re interrupting the urination process) for about five seconds and then progressively increase the squeeze duration, the intensity and the number of reps you can manage. This should be done at least three times a day.



Upper Body Workout



A great workout routine for all those who need to support themselves and their partners, using the arms (or any part of the upper body). Helpful for all those who wish to ace the missionary position, the upper body workout includes push-ups, chest and triceps, bicep curls, tricep push-backs and the shoulder press.



For Flexibility



Stretching your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and doing some Yoga will not only improve your range of movement, but also give you an added advantage in the bed for a pleasurable experience.






Again, cardio is the best way to improve your performance and your stamina in bed. Include walking, running and swimming in your fitness regime, now.



Core Strengthening



Abdominal crunches and arm/leg raises are the best possible exercises that helps strengthen your lower back, abdomen and pelvis. You can also try the alternate arm/leg raise where you need to be on all fours, facing down with bent knees and then try and lift the opposite arms and legs (at the same time). Swap sides after holding on to this position for a few seconds. This is the greatest form of exercise for your core and also helps in strengthening your shoulders.



Image Credits: Pixabay, Pinterest, Ryderwear

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