5 Powerful Roles We're Glad Rani Mukerji Said Yes To 

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Rani Mukerji is inarguably one of the best actresses in Bollywood. As the 90s star turns 45 today, here's taking a look at an array of her most powerful roles that truly did justice to her prowess as an artiste. 

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Mrs Chatterjee vs NorwayIn this heart-wrenching story, Mukerji essays the role of Debika, an immigrant mother who battles it out against Norwegian child welfare authorities to regain the custody of her children. The movie tugs at your heartstrings, and puts the spotlight on Mukerji's impressive acting chops. 

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BlackPegged as one of her best performances so far, Mukerji aced her part as Michelle McNally, a visual and hearing-impaired student, who develops a platonic rapport with professor Debraj (Bachchan). Debraj is no ordinary teacher, and sees unseen potential in McNally. This sets the tone of the movie.

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MardaaniShivani Shivaji Roy (Mukerji) is a daredevil cop who makes up a resolve to nab a deadly criminal at all costs. After busting a child trafficking cartel, she establishes a fact of life: there is nothing that a woman cannot do. 

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No One Killed JessicaAimed at proving how nobody's above the law, NOKJ is based on a fateful 1999 incident that led to the imprisonment of a politico's son, after the latter murdered Jessica Lal, a bartender, on being denied a drink at a bar. Mukerji plays an investigative journalist who changes how the game is played.

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HichkiNaina Mathur (Mukerji) is a teacher who suffers from Tourette syndrome. The health condition comes with a set of challenges, making it tough for her to navigate work life at the elite school she's employed at. However, Ms. Mathur decides to turn her biggest weakness into her strength, and that literally changes everything.