5 Quickest SUV EVs On Sale In India

Image Credits: Volvo

Volvo XC40 Recharge (0-100kmph: 4.9 sec)Apart from being one of the safest luxury EV SUVs out there, the Volvo XC40 Recharge is one of the feistiest too, sprinting from 0 to 100kmph in just 4.9 seconds (claimed). All thanks to its 74kWh battery pack, which powers the dual motor setup putting out 413PS of power and 660Nm of torque.

Image Credits: Jaguar

Jaguar I-Pace (0-100kmph: 4.8 sec)Coming in at a close second is Jaguar’s only electric car in India, the I-Pace which is capable of 0-100kmph in just 4.8 seconds (claimed). The SUV is powered by a bigger 90kWh battery, which helps it in getting a range of 480km on a single charge and makes 405PS with 696Nm of torque.

Image Credits: Audi

Audi RS e-tron GT (0-100kmph time: 3.3 sec)Audi sells the e-Tron GT in two disguises - standard and RS, with the latter making a mammoth 655PS of power, helping it sprint from 0-100kmph in 3.3 seconds (claimed). Powering it is a 93kWh battery pack, with a claimed range of 481km.

Image Credits: Porsche

Porsche Taycan Turbo S (0-100kmph time: 2.8 sec)Porsche sells the Taycan SUV in seven different trims. But it is the top-shelf Turbo S you should be paying attention to, with its 93.4kWh battery packing providing a range of 417km and making 771PS of power, with a 0-100kmph time of just 2.8 seconds (claimed)

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