Five New Films That Redefined Male Friendships

Image Credits: Searchlight Pictures

While male friendships were relegated to the 'buddy' genre for several years, recent films have gone above and beyond in portraying the subtle nuances of the pride, pain, and humour shared between men of all walks of life.

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Here's a closer look at some touching, surprisingly fun must-watch films that will definitely remind you of your closest male buddies:

Image Credits: Searchlight Pictures

The Banshees of InisherinStarring Colin Farell and Brendan Gleeson as two lifelong drinking buddies who — in the wake of a breakup — find themselves spiralling into a confusing mix of emotions, held close to the edge by a desperate ultimatum.

Image Credits: Lionsgate

The Unbearable Weight of Massive TalentNicholas Cage plays himself in this meta, madcap action-comedy alongside a super-fan played by Pedro Pascal. Thrust into a high-stakes CIA caper with plenty of laughs and action, this film comes with plenty of  touching moments of friendship along the way.

Image Credits: A24

The InspectionCapturing the true-life story of a young, black, gay man in the US Marines, this is an inspiring tale of friendship, anti-prejudice and camaraderie that may be one of the best military films in recent years.

Image Credits: Universal Pictures

The Bad GuysThis underrated animated gem from last year showcases a gang of animal swindlers that pretend to turn good to avoid jail — only for their leader to turn over a new leaf and test the group's friendships in the process.

Image Credits: Netflix

The Andy Warhol Diaries: Andy & BasquiatAn epic, lovingly crafted documentary special, this love letter to the 80s pop-art movement in New York tracks one of the most dynamic, expressive, and creatively genius friendships in the history of modern art.