India’s 6 Most Expensive Celebrity Concert Tickets

Image Credits: Stevierae Gibbs

India's love for music and live gigs is widely known. However, what if we told you that some of the country's biggest concerts came with insanely priced tickets? 

Image Credits: Evan Paterakis

Let's take a look at the figures. P.S: be ready to have your mind blown!

Image Credits: Arijit Singh/Instagram

Arijit Singh LiveRumours are rife that the ticket amount for Bollywood singer Arijit Singh's upcoming live concert, slated to happen in Pune in 2023, has shot up to Rs. 16 lakhs! Now, isn't that wild? 

Image Credits: Coldplay/Instagram

ColdplayColdplay performed in Mumbai in 2016. The pricing of the concert tickets reportedly went as high as Rs. 5 lakhs per head, for those wanting a premium view of the gig. 

Image Credits: Evan Paterakis

Justin Bieber LiveBelieve it or not, but Bieber made headlines in 2017 for having his India concert tickets priced at Rs. 76,000 per head! The amount explains the massive fandom that he enjoys  in the country.

Image Credits: Lollapalooza/Instagram

Lollapalooza IndiaThis concert is scheduled to take place in January 2023 in Mumbai, but the tickets have started selling out. For a single platinum ticket, one has to shell out Rs 64,999!

Image Credits: Katy Perry/Instagram

OnePlus Music FestivalIn 2019, artists like Dua Lipa and Katy Perry performed at the OnePlus Music Festival in Mumbai. The tickets were reportedly sold at Rs 60,000. 

Image Credits: MLTR

MLTR India Tour-MumbaiThis Danish soft rock and pop rock band will perform in Mumbai in December this year. Their highest priced ticket is Rs 43,000.