5 Iconic Two-Stroke Motorcycles Which Should Make A Comeback

Image Credits: Team BHP

Yamaha RX100What can be said about the Yamaha RX100 that hasn’t been said before? Fans and critics have been waxing lyrical about the two-stroke motorcycles for decades now. Not just for its 11PS-powered 100cc motor, but also because of its sheer simplicity and easy reparability. At this point, who wouldn’t want to see the RX 100 making a comeback?

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Yamaha RD350Contrary to popular belief, it was the RD350 which came before the RX100. Arriving in India as the Rajdoot 350, it packed a 350cc twin-cylinder setup making 28PS to 31PS of power. All of this was delivered through a very unique power band, which even popular figures like Rahul Gandhi have talked about.

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Yezdi Roadking 250The Roadking 250 was instrumental in cementing Yezdi’s legacy, and for a good reason. Filling up the gap which was left after the RD350’s discontinuation, the Roadking slowly became a crowd favourite in the 90s, thanks to its punchy 250cc motor putting out 16PS of power and a top speed of 120kmph.

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Kawasaki-Bajaj Enduro SXIt was Kawasaki and Bajaj who bought us the first affordable dual-purpose motorcycle in India, the Enduro SX. Packing a unique design, the motorcycle was built around Kawasaki KB100 which made around 10.5PS of power. Despite being considered a cult classic now, the reception to the Enduro was fairly muted back then, leading to its being discontinued. With the current popularity of ADVs now, perhaps Kawaski should take another gander at it?

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TVS Suzuki ShogunThe Suzuki Shogun doesn’t get the respect it deserves. This sub-250cc motorcycle was developed from TVS’s collaboration with Supra. The two-stroker was not as fast as the Yamaha offering in the low and mid-range but truly came into its own at 8,500rpm, delivering 14PS of power from its minuscule 108cc single.