Prize Money: How Much Will The FIFA World Cup 2022 Winners Get?

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup will begin this week with an opening fixture between Qatar and Ecuador. A sum total of $440 of the prize pot has been allocated by FIFA. Let's take a look at how much teams will take home depending on how far they progress. 

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Group stage - $9m32 teams are pooled across eight groups in the first round, and only half of them will be able to advance to the next round. For the remaining 16 teams that will fail to cross the first hurdle, FIFA will pay them $9m each.

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Round of 16 - $13mFor teams whose journey will come to halt in the Round of 16, they will be getting a prize money of $9m, which is more than what Brazil took home for winning the 2002 edition of the World Cup.

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Quarterfinals - $17mQuater-finalists at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will get $17m each, only $3 million less than what was the prize money for winners of the 2006 World Cup. 

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Fourth place - $25mThere has been an unprecedented rise in the prize money at FIFA World Cup in the last two decades. The team that finishes fourth will walk away with $25m. As per bookies, England or Germany are likely to occupy the fourth spot. 

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Third place - $27mSheldon Jackson is one of the most consistent batters in the domestic circuit. But he lacks the extra gear to succeed in the IPL. He couldn't do much for Kolkata Knight Riders last season, and has been released from the franchise.

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Runner-up - $30mThe runner-up will receive prize money of $30m. The money will be deposited into the bank account of the country's football federation, and it is totally upon them to decide the distribution of money.

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Winner - $42mThe 2022 World Cup winner will be getting $42m. Countries often award them with bonuses for winning the championship. The winning team also get rewarded with hefty sponsorship contracts.

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