5 Highest-Grossing Movies Of Keanu Reeves 

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Keanu Reeves's latest release, John Wick 4, has rustled up a buzz globally. As we raise a toast to the Canadian actor's fourth John Wick movie, here's a look of his highest-grossing movies of all time:

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The Matrix Reloaded: $742 MillionThis 2003’s sci-fi movie centers on three freedom fighters who revolt against the Machine Army, in a bid to curb the widespread repression and exploitation of the masses. The CGI-heavy action entertainer fared well at the BO.

Image Credits: Warner Bros.

The Matrix: $464 MillionPegged as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, The Matrix story dives deeper into how the human race gets enslaved by AI. The movie puts the spotlight on the perils of simulation, and existing in a world that is saturated with hyperreal imagery. 

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The Matrix Revolutions: $427 MillionReleased in 2003, this movie turned out to be an exhilarating action entertainer, much like its previous installments. The narrative deeps dive into a lesser-explored subject: a climactic war between machines and humans.

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Speed: $350 MillionThe Speed is a quintessential action and thrilling film of the 90s. Released in 1994, the story revolves around a police officer who has to keep driving a bus at the same speed otherwise a bomb strapped to it will blast.

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Something’s Gotta Give: $266 MillionThis 2003 release became a smashing hit at the international box office, as its heartwarming storyline resonated with the audience. Reeves plays the role of Julian Mercer, Harry (Jack Nicholson) an aging casanova's 36-year-old doctor. The rom-com tugs at your heartstrings and makes for an evergreen watch.