5 Films That Got Actor De-Ageing Right

Image Credits: Empire

This week saw the Indiana Jones franchise announce a blast from the past, as actor Harrison Ford is set to be de-aged for a flashback scene making him nearly forty years younger.

Image Credits: Ajay Devgn / Instagram

It seems that the controversial-yet-popular way to keep actors' looks well into the future is here to stay — let's look at a few recent examples that set the bar and avoided the dreaded 'uncanny valley' effect.

Image Credits: Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil WarRobert Downey Jr. Emotive, powerful, and well-acted all at once, this unusual moment from the MCU drove fans wild when it released in 2016, with Downey Jr. nailing his 20-years-younger performance effortlessly.

Image Credits: IMDb

The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonBrad PittWhen the premise of your film rests on how well you can portray your character ageing backwards, you definitely need a great effects department. Fortunately, David Fincher's team did a great job, with the visuals remaining believable over 12 years later.

Image Credits: Marvel Studios

Ant-Man And The WaspMichael DouglasWith Douglas' best-remembered films all forming the core of 90s Hollywood, it was exciting to see the veteran actor absolutely nail his de-aged version in this criminally underrated MCU romp.

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The IrishmanAl Pacino and Joe PesciWhile lead role De Niro had a pretty 'okay' deaging, this film's gangster-actor revival project succeeded immensely with Pacino and Pesci, the former of which bagged an Oscar nomination for his evocative, powerful performance.