Loved Vijay Sethupathi In 'Farzi'? Here Are His 5 Best Movies So Far 

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Fans just can't seem to stop lauding Vijay Sethupathi’s performance in Amazon Prime Video’s Farzi. And rightly so, as he did complete justice to his role as a counterfeit kingpin. That said, here's taking a look at some of his best performances so far: 

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Vikram VedhaThis is one of the highest-rated IMDB films that saw Sethupathi in a key role. Based on the Indian folklore of Baital Pachisi, a cop (R. Madhavan) is in search of a gangster named Vedha (Sethupathi). 

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Super DeluxeThe Tamil actor dished out one of his most powerful performances yet in this Neo-noir. Sethupathi plays the role of a transgender named Shilpa, who faces incessant backlash owing to her identity. 

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Soodhu KavvumThis is a comedy crime thriller,  which sees Sethupathi don the character of Das— a  man who fakes his own kidnapping to extract money from his politico dad. However, things go awry when a cop gets to the root of the matter.

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IraiviIraivi's narrative traces the journey of three men and their stories of acute financial struggles. Out of helplessness, they take to a path of crime, only to get arrested and have their lives change in ways they could've barely imagined. 

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‘96Sethupathi's pairing with Trisha in this romantic drama struck a chord with the audience. The actor plays a photographer who crosses paths with his college sweetheart (Trisha)— years later— at a reunion. And, that sets the tone of the movie.