5 Bollywood Celebs With High-Level Security Covers

Farzana Patowari

Image Credits: Akshay Kumar/Instagram

Indian government provides security details to people when they turn into high-risk individuals. And these security details are not just limited to the Prime Minister or defense personnel but extend to Bollywood celebs as well.

Image Credits: Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

When Bollywood celebs land in situations where there is a threat to their lives, the government grants them security details. Here are a few such celebs who have or have had security details.

Image Credits: Vivek Agnihotri/Instagram

Vivek AgnihotriPost the release of his film The Kashmir Files, Agnihotri was granted Y-category security cover. It is a 28 personnel group which has 1 or 2 commandos with other police personnel.

Image Credits: Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

Kangana RanautIn 2020, Ranaut become the first Bollywood celeb to get Y+ security. It consists of a group of 39 personnel which has 2-4 commandos and policemen.

Image Credits: Salman Khan/Instagram

Salman KhanAfter receiving death threats from the Bishnoi gang, Khan's security detail got upgraded from X to Y+. Along with his bodyguard Shera, he is always accompanied by these guards.

Image Credits: Akshay Kumar/Instagram

Akshay KumarThe government of Maharashtra has granted Kumar an X+ security detail. This reportedly includes a group of 12 personnel and 1-2 security vehicles as well.

Image Credits: Anupam Kher/Instagram

Anupam KherAfter the release of The Kashmir Files, Kher also got an X category security cover from the Maharashtra government since he'd received death threats for his role.