Apple iPhone 15: All Major Things To Expect

Next month, Apple is set to host its annual iPhone event introducing the next-gen iPhone 15,  iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Here’s everything we know about it so far.Image Credits - Apple

Minor Design Tweaks Reliable reports suggest Apple will maintain the overall flat design of last year’s model, reducing the density of the bezels and replacing the stainless steel chassis with new titanium material. The biggest difference here might come in the form of a  redesigned "mute" button that will function similarly to the action button on the Apple Watch UltraImage Credits - Apple

More Efficient SiliconFollowing last year’s trend, only the top-shelf iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max model are supposed to get the new A17 chip, which is said to be more faster and efficient. On the other hand, the base models will have to make do with the A16 chip seen on the 14 Pro and Pro Max.Image Credits - Apple

Dynamic Island All-Around And USB-CPerhaps the biggest design change will come in the form of Dynamic Island replacing the notch on all the models. Additionally, with the new EU regulations, Apple also seems to have included an upgraded USB-C port on its Pro models. Image Credits - Apple

Periscope CameraAlso making their debut here will be Apple’s new periscope camera, which is said to enable 5x to 6x optical zoom. However, it is expected to feature only on the Pro models. Image Credits - Apple

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