Are You Smarter Than Your TV? Here Are The 6 Best Smart TVs In India
Are You Smarter Than Your TV? Here Are The 6 Best Smart TVs In India

If you’re a geek (or not), who’s saving up to own this piece of gadgetry, here are some of the top options in the country.

Your TV isn’t an idiot box any more. It’s become so smart that it can now perform the functions of a computer as well as a smartphone, in addition to what it’s meant for. Lowered data prices and faster internet speeds have further helped their popularity soar in India. If you’re a geek (or not), who’s saving up to own this piece of gadgetry, here are some of the top options in the country.



Samsung Q Series




After first introducing smart televisions in 2015, the Korean manufacturer has come a long way, with its latest range of 4K QLED TVs that come in three different series – the Q7, the Q8 and the Q9. Each series comprises flatscreens sized 55 inches (138 cm), 65 inches (163 cm), 75 inches (189 cm) and 88 inches (223 cm). The ‘Q’ in QLED here stands for Quantum Dot technology, which Samsung claims allows the TVs to offer deep blacks and rich details. Other features include a new Invisible Connection and No-Gap Wall-mounts, in addition to the Smart remote control and a Smart Hub interface.


Starting price: Rs 3.15 lakh



Vu Premium Smart TV range




Apart from its hi-tech range of Premium UHD and curved TVs in India, Vu also offers affordable options at the lower end of the price spectrum. Its Premium Smart TV range comprises four models, available in different sizes: 32-inch, 40-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch, with all of them available online. The key takeaways remain the smart connectivity options, smartphone screen mirroring and access to a range of applications that deliver content and information over the Internet directly to your TV. Pre-installed and supported applications on the TVs include Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and AccuWeather, among others, on top of a 3-year domestic warranty.


Starting price: Rs 20,000



LG OLED Series




Not only are these 4K televisions – with their ‘picture on glass’ design technology – extremely good-looking screens, they also produce their own light and colour, independent of the surroundings, to deliver high-quality levels of contrast. As a result, the series is miles ahead of LCD technologies, with deep black colours right alongside the brightest HDR whites. Additional features include an integrated soundbar that claims Dolby Atmos support and the Korean tech giant’s excellent webOS smart system, across all of the nine models in this range.


Starting price: Rs 3.25 lakh



Panasonic DX Series




When you consider the feature list, which includes an awesome-sounding audio system, native UHD screens, support for high dynamic range playback and a simple smart TV system, the pricing for this range of 4K flatscreens is aggressive, to say the least. Launched in India last year, the series comprises the DX 700 (65- inch), equipped with HEXA chroma Drive Plus technology for accurate colours along a with multi-noise reduction feature, and the DX 650 (40-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch) that comes with Firefox OS and an IPS LED super bright panel. And though the more premium DX802 and DX902 are yet to be made available in India, the range still makes for worthy buying propositions.


Starting price: Rs 74,900



Sony Bravia X series



The Japanese consumer electronics giant also launched its latest range of 4K HDR TVs in India last month. Powered by Android Nougat, these TVs bring together the best tech in the industry and access to the smart features of Android TV. This new collection of TVs includes around ten different models, only eight of which are currently available, across screen sizes from 43-inches all the way up to 65-inches; the 65-inch KD- 65X9300E obviously being the flagship product at Rs 3.65 lakh.


Starting price: Rs 87,900



Videocon Crystal 4K Ultra HD




With an astonishing 8.3 million pixels display, Videocon’s latest range of TVs in India offers great picture quality at this price. It comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and an MHL interface that allows users to connect their smart phones, tablets and other portable consumer electronic gadgets, while simultaneously charging the device. The first Indian brand to foray into 4K UHD TVs, Videocon sells its new 4K television range in three models across the 65-inch, the 50-inch and the 43-inch screen sizes.


Starting price: Rs 55,900

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