Fans Calls SRK & Deepika 'Father-Daughter Duo' After 'Pathaan' Set Pic Surfaces Online
Fans Call Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone A ‘Father-Daughter Duo’ After New ‘Pathaan’ Set Picture Leaks Online

The age gap between the leading pair stands at 20 years

Bollywood and the infamous age disparity between the lead actor and actress have been a topic of debate for many, many years now. And it looks like there’s no end in sight. Recently, leaked images of Shah Rukh Khan’s new movie Pathaan, were shared on the r/BollyBlindsNGossip subreddit where some commented on how the pair looks like a father-daughter duo instead of a romantic lead.


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This isn’t the first time the upcoming YRF film has been subjected to leaks. A few months ago, footage of both SRK and Deepika filming a song went viral. Additionally, various other set images also surfaced on the internet, revealing the actor’s look. Surprisingly, a few snippets of Pathaan’s unreleased song also surfaced on the internet.


But coming back to the topic at hand, many users shared their admiration for Padukone, with one writing, “I didn’t even see Shahrukh there for a good minute 💀 why is Deepika so fucking gorgeous.” While someone else, wrote – “If I had seen the future of Bollywood before the jhanvi, ananya, shanaya…etc I really wouldn’t have taken Deepika, Katrina’s beauty for granted in the past. I’m not even a hardcore deepika fan but I just know she’s about to step on these 20 looking like 40 yr old LA wannabe necks with how hot she’s going to look in this movie.”

However, the most interesting comment came from a user who said, “The big age difference is showing. She looks hot and he looks old. Why does Bollywood do this? You have Tabu, Rani, Karisma, and Madhuri. Even people his age and yet they will skip all that. Dimple and SRK have more of an age-appropriate jodi than Deepika and SRK 💀 even Neetu does!” To which, others commented saying, “Lol…you will sell an f ton of tickets with the actress you named.”
This wasn’t the first user who brought the age difference in question by saying, “Ready for the downvote Why does this sub not judge Shahrukh for romancing a 30-year-old? Everyone else gets hate for romancing the younger partners!”
To which a reply said, “Probably because he works with the same people over and over 💀 the other stars r still having debutant actresses in their movies who r 19. What’s the point of complaining about SRK and DP now when they already did 3 movies prior and r obviously comfortable with each other? He also has a better image than the other stars.
Pathaan is set to arrive in theatres on January 25, 2023.


Image credits – Twitter, Reddit

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