Sourav Ganguly's Accidental Post Reveals Secret Behind 'Mega Blockbuster' Campaign
Twitter Has A Field Day After Dada Ruins Brand’s ‘Mega Blockbuster’ Campaign With Wrong Post

The cat’s out of the bag!

A simple post by Rohit Sharma stirred serious conversations during an edit meeting at my workplace today. Everyone was wondering if the Indian team captain is making his acting debut with a ‘mega blockbuster’. After some deeper research, we saw Sourav Ganguly and Kapil Sharma also sharing the same post. Soon after, a slew of celebrities including Deepika Padukone and Rashmika Mandanna joined the party.


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Sharma’s post read, “Butterflies in my stomach. A debut of a kind #TrailerOut4thSept #MegaBlockbuster.” The poster (shared with this caption) featured him in a blue shirt, giving a very Family Man vibe to the whole post. But, question is, was he featured in a film or show with these other A-listers? Sadly, no. While the cat is not out of the bag officially, we discovered that it is a campaign strategy by an online retail brand.


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Thanks to Sourav Ganguly, he posted the wrong caption on his post, revealing what the whole campaign is all about. While the mistake was duly rectified, before a majority of people could see it, a screenshot of his accidental post was already shared on the Internet. The caption had instructions mentioning that the brand’s name should not be mentioned anywhere. Needless to say, the blunder evoked a series of epic reactions on the internet.


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Truth be told, while there might not be a scope for control damage anymore, people seem to be enjoying the ‘dad
( move
made by Dada.


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