#FollowFriday: Phillauri's Diljit Dosanjh And His Train Wreck Of A Twitter Account
#FollowFriday: Phillauri’s Diljit Dosanjh And His Train Wreck Of A Twitter Account

Phillauri, Kylie Jenner and more reasons to keep a track of Diljit Dosanjh’s entertaining Twitter

He speaks broken Hindi, comes across as a humble commoner and tweets like a fanboy – that’s Diljit Dosanjh for you! Along with his latest release, the Anushka Sharma starrer Phillauri, here are more reasons to follow his entertaining Twitter account.


The Kylie Jenner


The superhit Punjabi actor turns into a teenager at the drop of Kylie Jenner’s hat. He has been commenting multiple on Instagram pictures of Kim Kardashian’s sister and in one of his Twitter replies even ‘openly’ accepted that Kylie was the inspiration for his hit single Do You Know.


This obsession might be borderline creepy but India engineers will take heart from the fact that they’re not the only ones who go head over heels for women in this manner.


Harshvardhan no problem


A huge controversy broke out over his successful career in Punjab when Diljit won his first Filmfare in the Best Debut category. Anil Kapoor’s son Harshvardhan even questioned whether Leonardo di Caprio will win this award if he debuts in Bollywood.



Nahi Veere Gal Hee Koi Ni😊🙏🙏😊Baba Nanak Hameshan Chardi Kala Ch Rakhey🙏Respect. https://t.co/9v4m1iAMjk


— DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) January 25, 2017



But like the nice guy that Diljit is, he took everything in stride and even said, “He will also become a big star some day. I have no hard feelings towards him.” Isn’t he super chilled out?


Fan love


Along with being an active philanthropist, the Patiala Peg singer never misses a chance to thank his fans for the love and adulation. It’s almost as if he replies to each and everyone on his Twitter as well.



Love my Fans🙏Tuadey Pyar Da Den Mai Kadey ni De Sakda🙏🙏 Mainu Mere Malka Aukaat Vich Rakhi🙏 pic.twitter.com/oV5stMUqNF


— DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) March 22, 2017



Sneak peak


It goes without saying that his Twitter will also give you exclusives from his shoots and upcoming projects. So here’s to this week’s #FollowFriday with @diljitdosanjh!



Phillauri 😍 pic.twitter.com/y8kv3PSVqi


— DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) March 23, 2017


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