Siddharth Kerkar: The Artist’s Morning Routine  
Siddharth Kerkar: The Sculptor Artist’s Morning Routine  

Much like his art, even his mornings are fuelled by creativity

Whether it’s his morning routine or a work of art he’s currently creating, the process remains the same for Indian painter and sculptor artist Siddharth Kerkar: to be present, unrushed, and make room for creativity. The Indian painter and sculptor artist believes that being exposed to myriad art forms since early childhood by his famous artist father Subodh Kerkar has made a world of difference to his art and everything else he does. In a candid chat, the Goa-based artist takes us through a day in his life. 


How do you start your mornings?  


Siddharth Kerkar: I’m an early riser three days a week, and I usually start those days with a workout. The remaining days are usually slow starts to the day. I usually don’t plan out my days or don’t have a to-do list. I either paint, design places, create sculptures, design clothes, shoot videos or work on things at the restaurant. Since I do many things, I choose whatever feels best on that day.  


What’s sitting on your bathroom shelf? 


SK: I designed my bathroom myself so currently it has my latest ceramic sculpture.  


Go-to grooming products 


SK: I usually trim my beard every 2-3 days and maintain it with a shave at the borders. The Clinique Men Aloe shave gel and the Mont Blanc Legend Aftershave cream are my favourites. 


Day and night fragrances 


SK: I usually mix 2-3 fragrances and also like making my own. My go-to are Tom Ford Ombre Leather parfum, Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence, Chopard Oud Malaki and fragrances I’ve made at Zielinski & Rozen Leather-Sandalwood-Amber and Experimental Perfume Club.  


How do you like your coffee? 


SK: Black iced coffee, which is not very strong. Lavazza is my favourite.  


What does breakfast look like? 


SK: If there’s time for it, I usually have scrambled eggs and a black coffee.  


What’s your workout/ physical activity routine like? 


SK: I work out about three times a week with coach Shubra, who is 51 years old and runs a space called Metaburn Ignite in Goa. She’s also one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the industry.  


Different news portals you check out in the morning 


SK: I usually read the newspapers in the morning. However, I also do follow Indian news channels on Instagram which give me daily updates.  


Morning music 


SK: Calm acoustic songs if I’m starting the morning slow or progressive house if I’m rushing.  


What are you currently reading? 


SK: I’m not much of a reader, but I’m a visual learner so usually prefer watching documentaries and podcasts. Usually non-fiction.  


Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand 


SK: An eye blind and a bottle of water on either side of the bed. I can’t sleep with the slightest of light penetrating through my room so an eye blind is mandatory.  


Grooming essentials you swear by  


belif the True Cream—Aqua Bomb Moisturiser  
Clinique For Men Aloe Shave Gel  
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum 
Kimirica Everyday Sunscreen Spf 50+ 

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