Pulkit Samrat: The Actor’s Morning Routine
Pulkit Samrat: The Actor’s Morning Routine 

He’s at his peak

Pulkit Samrat is in his golden era. He’s officially entered the big boys 100 cr. club with Fukrey 3, while taking on Jawaan at the box office, and is also at the top of his fitness. In a quick chat, the ultra-fit actor attributes the good times at work and off of it to finding the right balance between self-care and hard work, which also helps him abide by a strict morning routine. Excerpts:  


How do you start your mornings?  


Pulkit Samrat: With a cup of black coffee. I often add some ghee or coconut oil to my morning drink. Post coffee, there are 15 minutes of binaural meditation followed by a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes. 


What’s sitting on your bathroom shelf?  


PS: An oil-pulling kit, toothbrush, herbal immune boost shots, and vitamin C serum. 


Day and night fragrances? 


PS: Most of the time I use Kriti’s perfumes! It’s also very mood-dependent. But, if I were to pick two fragrances, it has got to be Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo Epices Patchouli EDP and L’Autre Oud By Lancome EDP


How do you like your coffee? 


PS: Strong, with lots of ice with cinnamon.  


What does breakfast look like? 


PS: I mostly skip breakfast. When I don’t, I start with musk melon and berries, followed by nachni parantha or Turkish eggs with ragi toast. Sundays are for almond flour pancakes. Zero sugar. 😉  


What’s your workout routine like? 


PS: I start my day with a brisk walk for about 20-30 minutes. Whatever time my work schedule allows, I include weight training 4 times a week and stick to functional, rehab, and conditioning thrice a week.  


News portals that you check out in the morning? 


PS: Faye D’Souza’s Instagram handle.  


What’s on your current morning music playlist?  


PS: Binaural beats help me start my day on the right note. Polo & Pan are my constants. 


What are you currently reading? 


PS: ⁠A dance film script.  


Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand. 


PS: Charger, accessories, and condoms.  


Grooming essentials you swear by + a recent find you’d recommend? 


PS: A nice herbal face pack works like magic. My current favourite is this face pack by  Dr. Onkar’s We are Wellness face pack. It leaves me with baby-soft skin every time I use it. 

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