5 Best Ways To Sport Facial Hair
5 Best Ways To Sport Facial Hair

New year. New you, maybe?

While there’s nothing wrong with opting for a clean-shaven/ easy-effort look now and then, it’s always a great idea to spruce things up on the grooming front and sport your facial hair differently. Here are 5 fail-safe celebrity-inspired ways to sport facial hair that guarantee a second look:


1. Choose Chevron For A Classic Gentlemanly Charm

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South superstar Ram Charan’s style merits a mention. We love how he’s been quite a staunch loyalist of the classic Chevron mustache and beard. And, honestly, it’s your safest bet given its versatility—you can sport it for your next boardroom meet as much as you can at a reunion in Goa. However, the look comes with its set of grooming to-dos: frequent shaves by a professional at a frequency that’s purely dependent on how quick your hair growth is.


2. Unleash Your Inner Viking

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With men like Chris Hemsworth, Jason Mamoa, Vicky Kaushal and Ranveer Singh having rocked the “Viking” aesthetic in the movies, it’s little wonder to observe how there’s an increasingly large number of young men who’d like to sport the look. While it’s okay to unleash your wild side whenever the situation permits, the look demands you to exercise discretion—regular trims, and investing in deep cleansing beard products. Best sported with a hairless scalp, the “Viking” look is perfect for men who’re on the taller side.


3. Go Full Throttle With A Bushy Beard

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Most recommended by stylists the world over, the bushy beard is ideal if you’re looking at giving an illusion of an exaggerated jawline or better facial symmetry. However, the look requires frequent grooming care like a good beard oil, and a well-invested cut that you don’t need to bother as often as you would in the case of sporting a full beard.


4. Channel A Biker Boy Charm?

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You’re probably never going to vroom over rugged terrains on a mean machine. But who cares? The ‘Biker boy’ charm stands second to none, especially if you’re daring enough to sport it. However, the look comes with a couple of prerequisites: proper trimming in the mustache area, extra length in the area of the chin, and adequate shaping. Besides an effective beard oil, one needs to always keep a comb in handy. While there are no rules per se, it’s always a good idea to sport the look with shaven heads.


5. When In Doubt, Stay Short

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The good ol’ stubble is pretty much a failsafe option for men who wouldn’t want to be too invested in beard care and yet look good. While it’s quite casual and has been around the longest, a stubble works well for all occasions and hair lengths. However, for those wanting to do a comb-over of sorts with this style, it’s important to keep your beard shaped in proportion to your hair length.


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