Arjun Rampal: The Actor’s Morning Routine
Arjun Rampal: The Actor’s Morning Routine

Proof that looking good takes a little more than near-perfect genes

Who doesn’t want to look like Arjun Rampal? At 51, the actor who was one of India’s original male supermodels, continues to sport a chiseled face and body that could literally cut glass. We caught up with Rampal at the launch of the new Indian Single Malt Whisky brand Longitude 77, to find out just how he looks so damn good.  


How do you start your mornings?  
Arjun Rampal: My routine is quite challenging and at the same time quite boring for anyone who thinks that I wake up late. I wake up at 5:30 am everyday. I spend the first 30 minutes without my phone. The first thing I look at are my loved ones who sleep around me and then I get into my workout. I mostly do cardio in the mornings and if I feel I can do my weights/strength training in the evening, I do it in the evening, or else If I feel I cannot do it in the evening, I mix it with my cardio. Then I am off to work shooting and if I am not shooting, I have a nice breakfast with my kids and then I drive them to school. After that, I come home, read, make some work calls, read some scripts, and spend time with my dogs. Then I go to pick up my kids from school again. We stop on our way to get some ice cream if my son had a great day at school, which is our ritual.  


What’s on your bathroom shelf? 
AR: You will see a lot of things sitting on my bathroom shelf. In fact, I have more things than Gabriella has in her bathroom. We have two separate bathrooms and I think that is very important for a good relationship.  



Your go-to grooming products
AR: A good moisturizer, under-eye cream, body lotion, and a hoodie/cap because it helps if you’re having a bad hair day. 


Day and night fragrances 
AR: I usually have one fragrance which I get hooked on to till I find another. So, currently, it’s Musc Ravageur By Maurice Roucel.  


How do you like your coffee? 
AR: A double espresso.  


What does breakfast look like? 
AR: I am vegetarian four times a week when I have oats or poha. And, if it’s a non-vegetarian day, it would be 6 egg whites/boiled eggs, with coffee.  


What’s your workout routine like? 
AR: It’s pretty intense.  


Different news portals you check out in the morning? 
AR: I consume most of my information and what’s going on in the world by scrolling through X (Twitter), and reading everyone’s opinion about everything.  



Morning music. 
AR: An album from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, from their app Sattva 


What are you currently reading? 
AR: ‘Choices’ by Shivshankar Menon. 


Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand. 
AR: A photo of my mother, a night lamp and my phone. 

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