Akshay Oberoi: The Actor's Morning Routine

Akshay Oberoi’s just wrapped up filming his upcoming movie Fighter and enjoying the release of Tu Chahiye. And when the curtain comes down, the 38-year-old actor follows some alternative practices—including using baby soap—to look as good off-camera as he does on.


How do you start your mornings?


Akshay Oberoi: If I’m shooting, it’s often a mad rush to get out the door for work. If I’m not, I like to start my mornings slowly by listening to soulful music, closing my eyes, and enjoying some peace and quiet. I won’t call it meditation. It’s my way of reconnecting, refilling, and reenergising my system and parts of me that need rest. On most days, my mornings start with a cup of coffee, reading the news and centering myself.


What’s sitting on your bathroom shelf?


AO: Besides the usual stuff, you’ll always find a moisturiser from Forest Essentials, which has a little SPF in it. I can’t do without a well-hydrating moisturiser.


Your day and night fragrances?


AO: Provoke by AXE. I’m wearing it all the time.



How do you like your coffee?


AO: Espresso. I make my own coffee. And, I always carry a portable one while shooting.


What does breakfast look like?


AO: Omelette, dosa, oatmeal with lots of nuts, fruits, and chia seeds. My breakfast starts late when most people are having lunch, at around 12 p.m. or 11 p.m. And, that’s because I eat my first meal after hitting the gym in the morning.


What’s your workout routine like?


AO: It’s usually a lot of functional training. My workout routine also depends on what body part I’m focussing on that day.I try and work out four times a week, and lift weights several times a week.


Different news portals you check out in the morning?


AO: I have Flipboard—an aggregator of news.  It has almost everything on it from the Financial Times and money control to ESPN and Bollywood Hungama.


Morning music


AO: Jazz. Or classical Indian music.


What are you currently reading?


‘Early Indians: The Story of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From’ by Tony Joseph. It’s kept me hooked since page 1.


Three things we’ll always find on your nightstand.


AO: My phone charger, kindle, and my headphones.


Grooming essentials you swear by + a recent find you’d recommend?


AO: I’m not big on grooming products. I use a body soap meant for children since it has fewer chemicals in it. A good moisturiser is essential. It’s really important to treat your skin right.


Most expensive/ guilty purchase of the year


AO: Hanhart 417 ES, which is a fighter pilot watch. I don’t own a lot of watches, but I’m intrigued by them. This watch was reportedly used in World War II by fighter pilots. Steve McQueen was spotted wearing one, and interestingly, it relaunched as a limited-edition range when we were filming for Fighter.



A celebrity style you like?


AO: Imran Khan. It’s simple, elegant and very sustainable. He’s a good friend and I think a lot of my style has been influenced by his style. In fact, I’m wearing his boots as we speak.


Clothing brands you favour?


AO: I don’t necessarily chase brands. I like unknown labels that make high-quality stuff over designer wear.

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