Adarsh Gourav: The Actor’s Morning Routine
Adarsh Gourav: The Actor’s Morning Routine

The 29-year-old actor is a lot more old-school than you think

Could Adarsh Gourav be Bollywood’s most underrated actor waiting to break into the big time? Take for instance, his glorious filmography that includes local and global hits like My Name is Khan, Mom, The White Tiger, Guns & Gulaabs, Extrapolations, and the most recent Kho Gaye Hum Kahan. All this only at the age of 29. But off camera, the actor is old-school and simple about how he approaches life and his practices. Maybe that’s been his secret weapon all along. We find out.  


How do you start your mornings? 


Adarsh Gourav: With drinking a litre of lukewarm water, followed by half a litre of hot water and some honey to clear my throat. 


What’s sitting on your bathroom shelf? 


AG: Oh, my hand wash, hand towel, shampoo, leave-in cream, some hair oils, and a body wash. 


Go-to grooming products. 


AG: When I’m at home, it would be the OG of all oils—Dabur Amla hair oil. I also love putting ice on my face and using the Moroccanoil Leave-In conditioner on my hair. 


Day and night fragrances. 


AG: I keep switching but I love Tom Ford. It’s my go-to cologne. 



How do you like your coffee? 


AG: Black and strong. 


What’s breakfast like? 


AG: Breakfast is a four-egg omelette and toast. 


What’s your workout routine like? 


AG: I work out five days a week. My workout is usually divided between pull and push. I cycle on the weekends and go running three times to four times a week. I also try to swim a couple of times in a week, whenever time permits. 


News portals that you check out in the morning? 


AG: I think the only news portal that I check is the Beatroot News.  


Morning music. 


AG: It can differ from Hindustani classical and Coldplay to jazz on some days. I love listening to jazz when I’m cooking. 



And, what are you currently reading? 


AG: The Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. 


Three things we will always find on your nightstand.  


AG: My phone, air pods and a candle. 


Grooming essentials you swear by. 


AG: The Moroccanoil Leave-In cream is a grooming essential I swear by, which happens to be a recent find. And I like a good cologne that has a woody scent. I love woody fragrances. 

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