What Goes Into The Making Of Luxury Scents?
What Goes Into The Making Of Luxury Scents?

During the launch of his luxury perfume line, we spoke to multi-faceted artist, Pierre Ravan to understand how his varied experiences as a DJ, yoga trainer, and fashion collaborator helped him in. creating his own line of fragrances 

While we slowly move towards building a fragrance wardrobe while maintaining our signature scent, the idea of owning and wearing premium fragrances is becoming popular. Therefore, many luxury brands are now looking to foray into the Indian market to tap on the potential buyer. Recently, Pierre Ravan, a renowned DJ, Yoga trainer, meditation trainer, fashion collaborator and the founder of Eternal Journey, has recently launched his line of luxury perfumes in India. To understand the changing idea of wearing fragrances and learn more about the inception of his brand, we spoke to the man himself. Here are the excerpts from the interview: 


What inspired you to foray into the luxury fragrance space? 

Pierre Ravan: I started 30 years ago as an official distributor of luxury fragrances in Eastern Europe and Middle East and was involved with their retailing. However, I still felt there’s a gap in this space even today and that led to the beginning of my brand.  


Can you share the creative process behind developing your three signature scents?  

PR: I believe that the inspiration for any creative process comes from our heart. I’d say the same for my fragrances; that inspiration came to me when I was meditating, and it was a sign. I believe that a trinity is a complete cycle and through the three signature scents I wanted to cover the whole 24 hours spectrum of our daily life and activities–from sunrise to sunset moving to midnight and completing the day. 

Eternal Journey Fragrances

What story or experience do you aim to convey through each fragrance? 

PR: We need people to experience our journey and then feel it deep inside. Eternal Journey is more than a luxury Maison de Parfum, it is the essence of a way of life and the elixir of a philosophy. 

Being inspired by principles of luxury, entertainment, wellness and wellbeing, Eternal Journey embraces modernity and celebrates life with passion. Our fragrances are carefully crafted to let you experience a balanced day. Each scent is crafted carefully to correspond to the specific time of the day. 

All human beings are ‘designed’ based on the solar and lunar cycles and the nadis (channels of energy) are also associated with the energy of the sun and the moon. Left nostril breathing, for example, is said to be lunar in effect and the right nostril linked to solar effect, and our fragrances activates the cycle based on the different time of the day. 


In what ways fragrances can impact emotional and spiritual well-being? 

PR: Our first collection is based on our outer journey and movement and created to match the specific moment of the day you are wishing to be emotionally involved with. The new collection, which will be launched by the end of 2024, is linked to our inner and spiritual realm, and will aim at creating stillness. 


How have your collaborations with high-end fashion brands influenced your approach in creating your own luxury perfume line? 

PR: I learned so much from all the brands that I have worked closely for past three decades, and the biggest learning was that the new luxury means purity and simplicity. That became my objective to achieve. 

Eternal journey fragrances

How have you ensured that your fragrances resonate with the Indian market while retaining a global appeal? 

PR: The new generation of India, regardless of age and cast, and as well as the world have a new level of consciousness and looks for brands and products that give them an experience and profound storytelling. Our gender-fluid fragrances are designed with the same thought that appeal everyone and bring a feeling of wholesomeness. 


Can you discuss how you support environmental and ethical responsibilities with your brand? 

PR: That’s an extremely important aspect that we have respected and made sure that all the ingredients follow the norms to respect our responsibility towards climate change and support raw-material makers across the globe. 

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