The Fast and The Fashionable
The Fast and The Fashionable 

From star drivers’ personal style statements to a long history with high couture sponsors, F1 and the world of fashion remain inextricably linked.

From star drivers’ personal style statements to a long history with high couture sponsors, F1 and the world of fashion remain inextricably linked. Here’s a closer look at the five ‘flyest’ F1 drivers on the grid today, and what makes their individual sense of style stand out:


Lewis Hamilton 



For the longest time, Hamilton remained an outlier on morning walks to the paddock. The seven-time world champion certainly wasn’t fazed by sneers from pundits and fans, and over time, has spearheaded something of a revolution with his fashion choices in his sixteen-odd years of F1 racing. Hamilton’s style — usually supplanted with the help of image architect and Hollywood actor, Zendaya’s stylist, Law Roach –– remains bold and boisterously experimental with colours and silhouettes. The 38-year-old often opts to work with young designers of colour, such as Bianca Saunders and Daily Paper, crafting a personal look book that continues to evolve and break its own rules with every public appearance. “I love being able to separate from the sport, and the intensity of this whole season is difficult for everyone that’s at the track,” he told F1 media back in 2021. “So, to be able to have something else, another outlet, that you can focus on helps take the weight off it.” 


Last season, Hamilton played with a massive variety of print and colour during his on-track appearances. Simultaneously, he retained a subdued off-track take with the ‘un-suit’ trend, opting for the effortless steeze of the dark green denim cuts of Belgian label Namacheko (as seen above). What’s #44 got in store for us this year? It’s anyone’s guess, but we certainly can’t wait to find out. 


Zhou Guanyu 




“I’ve always had a fashion sense with me,” Guanyu said in an interview with Jalopnik during the United States Grand Prix last season. “When you jump into Formula 1, though, it grows massively.” This might be an understatement given the explosion of online interest in Guanyu’s debut season last year, as China’s first-ever Formula 1 driver, the Alfa Romeo rookie has had a promising start in the sport, and has worked hard to establish a presence both on and off the grid, associating with the likes of Dior and Prada as his Instagram quotient balloons over time. 


His paddock fashion quotient seems to take inspiration from Hamilton. But unlike the Mercedes stalwart, Guanyu opts to pick and choose most of his pieces himself, ditching the stylist and opting for comfortable, slick fits with tastefully -picked shoes often serving as his statement pieces. 


Lando Norris 




While he usually preaches at the altar of modern street-casual wear, the McLaren driver isn’t always found in fun hoodies and loose prints. Norris is often playing with a variety of hypebeast elements on his outfits, mixing and matching bright colours with functional monochrome accessories such as his own collaborative collection with TUMI and a common favourite of his — colourful bucket hats, donned with prints that range from tropical foliage, to the Union Jack and even the personal logo of MotoGP legend Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi. 


George Russell 




Sharp features and a tall frame make just about anything look good on Mercedes’ brightest future prospect — a fierce, calculating talent that has a lot of expectation riding on his shoulders. Also riding on Russell’s shoulders are several subtle yet seamless layering choices, such as fresh monocolour cardigans, classic brown-blue jackets and suits, as well as the ultimate English staple: turtleneck sweaters. Though he’s certainly one of the most sober dressers among the grid’s younger crop of talent — a fact made even more obvious with Hamilton as his teammate — we’re excited to see where Russell goes, especially after spending more time with his sartorial senior. 


Charles Leclerc 




Leclerc’s certainly got the looks and fashion cred to play a strong hand when it comes to F1’s fashion rankings, often spotted in a fantastic array of top-end designer wear (I suppose that’s what happens when you’re from Monaco). While the Ferrari driver is often required to wear Richard Milles and Italian suits, his personal style is incredibly laid back, even boyish, featuring an unending array of sweatpants and cotton shirts. We like his experimentation with a variety of interesting textures, such as patchwork and oblique stitching, but sometimes, having brand names splattered across half of his wardrobe’s prints can get old, faster even than his blazing qualifying laps. 

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