Ranveer Singh And Bad Bunny Have Something In Common
Ranveer Singh And Bad Bunny Have Something In Common

They’re bringing sexy back

If we were ever quizzed about the craziest moments at this year’s Met Gala, our vote would go to Jared Leto, who showed up as Choupette—late designer Karl Lagerfeld’s pet cat. A close second would be Bad Bunny’s jaw-dropping pristine white backless Jacquemus suit that may have got more eyeballs than his rumoured girlfriend, Kendall Jenner.  


With outrageous and bold outfits having a major moment on the global runways and off it, it’s unsurprising to note how men—in the spotlight and even otherwise— are now embracing their sexy side more than ever before.



Breaking stereotypes: Embracing dapper diversity 


Be it Timothée Chalamet’s blood-red head-to-toe look at the Venice Film Festival or even the sartorial choices of the male cast in the Spanish series “Elite”, the message is loud and clear: As we enter the era of inclusivity, the masculine mould is breaking with men embracing ‘dapper diversity’ in all its glory. 


A closer look back home and the trend was subtly captured in Ram Leela. ‘Ang Laga De Re’ is remembered as much for Deepika as it is for Singh’s washboard abs and ultra-low dhotis that inspired fans to hit the gym. 



Confidence is the new black 


The focus is no longer on looking sexy but rather on feeling comfortable in their skin. Brad Pitt set the bar high in a skirt and Pedro Pascal rocked black shorts with the right streak of confidence at the Met Gala, sending out a message: confidence = BDE.



Bridging the gap: Fashion as a form of self-expression 


From laid-back surfer dudes to corporate executives, fashion is now perceived as a canvas to express one’s identity. No longer bound by societal expectations, men are making bold statements with their wardrobe choices, showcasing their passions, interests and even political beliefs through clothes. A new-age crop of men and women who are redefining fashion norms by fearlessly showcasing their sense of style, thanks to the changing narrative of fashion. David Gandy, one of the hottest male models, exemplifies this with his Instagram, transitioning effortlessly from sexy to sartorial in just two posts. 



The rise of men’s grooming and self-care 


The new-age man gets the need for grooming and self-care more than ever before. Not too long ago, Pharrell Williams, the menswear creative director at Louis Vuitton, made a splash in the beauty industry with the launch of his men’s-only skincare brand Humanrace. The fact that it was exclusively for guys gained widespread acclaim. In a similar move, John Legend introduced “Loved One”, a unisex skincare and body care brand for melanin-rich skin, echoing a heightened awareness of skincare and grooming among men.  



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