On Our March 2022 Radar: All That Caught Our Attention This Month
On Our March 2022 Radar: All That You Should Be Checking Out

The who and what that caught our attention this month

EATPing’s Café Orient, Mumbai



After wowing food enthusiasts in Goa and Delhi, Ping’s has made its debut in Mumbai, and is serving up quite an impressive Asian fare. Definitely kick off with the Philly Cheese dim sums. Pillowy and heartwarmingly oozy-gooey, these dim sums are a great start to any meal.


Also, a huge fan of the butter garlic prawn dim sums with its peppery kick, follow it up with their baos, especially the soft shell crab ones. The sushis and sashimi won’t disappoint, and definitely try out the ceviches — the salmon one is *chef’s kiss* — if you want to indulge but also keep it light. Cute ambience and perfect for date nights, Ping’s is the way to go.


DRINK – PCO, Mumbai




If you are in the mood for something up-glam and dressy, PCO, Mumbai’s new open secret, is the hottest pub in town. Open air, with the vibe of an NY backyard party, PCO is serving up some serious cocktails. The exceptional gin-based Pandan Negroni and the vodka Bouquet are for advanced cocktail enthusiasts, with layered flavours and tonalities. If you want to keep it light, pick the Diospyros Fizz and the Elderflower Spritzer — light, fruity, and fizzy. The bourbon cocktails keep it straightforward, especially the Old Fashioned, and don’t fail to pack a punch. And, if you don’t know what you want, tell the bartender what your mood’s like, and he’ll shake something up. No biggie.





Keeping with the theme for the anniversary celebrations this month, here’s a comprehensive list of lesser known LGBTQ+ shows that you should be watching right now:


Right at the top are Special and Please Like Me. Both of these dramedies deal with young people grappling with identity, sexuality, and family crises, with huge helpings of dark and dirty humour. Exceptionally performed and heart-melting, the shows win big because of the skilled writing, and the caustic humour.


The same must be said about Why Are You Like This?, a coming-of-age series on confused Gen Zs trying to deal with religious identity, sexuality, and depression. Wickedly written, and promises constant LOL.


Mae Martin’s almost-autobiographical Feel Good should be on everybody’s radar and there are many reasons why: the writing, the reed-dry, often-offensive comedy, and the crackling performances, especially by Martin and goddess Lisa Kudrow. Polar opposite, but with a similar core, is the sitcom Bonding, about closeted professional dominatrix and her gay BFF, who try to navigate friendship, love, sex, and learn how to keep all of that separate from each other.


And finally, an oldie but a goodie — Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Tina Fey’s outlandish experiment has a strong cult following, running into four successful seasons. Do we completely comprehend the madness — or rather, the genius? — of the show? Maybe not. But do we absolutely love it? Hell yeah. Team Pinot Noir Forever.

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