Chaitanya Akkineni's 2024 Plans
Chaitanya Akkineni Talks Films, Social Media, Pan-India Stardom & More at Lakme Fashion Week 2024

The Actor opens up about 2024 goals, OTT platforms & his dream career shift

On day one of Lakme Fashion Week, we had the pleasure of catching up with actor Chaitanya Akkineni at the Magnum lounge. Despite just landing in Mumbai after a long flight, the 37-year-old actor displayed no signs of fatigue. His boyish charm and warm smile instantly puts anyone at ease when interacting with him. Here's a snippet of our fun tête-à-tête with him.

MW: Top three things on your 2024 to-do list:


1. Complete the film currently doing.

2. Eagerly anticipate the second season of "Dhootha".

3. Plan and enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

MW: One social media trend you want the world to get rid of in 2024:

Chaitanya: The trend of preemptively critiquing films before their release through unrelated content.

MW: When do we see you in a Hindi movie next?

Chaitanya: Coming soon! I'm awaiting the perfect opportunity. I thoroughly enjoy working in this space.

MW: What, according to you, are the three crucial attributes for an actor to transcend regional boundaries?

Chaitanya: : 

1. Patience

2. Determination

3. Cultural awareness

MW: Your take on the term 'Pan-India Star'?

Chaitanya: I believe this term will evolve. With the dissolution of language barriers, thanks to global content consumption facilitated by platforms like OTT, being a 'Pan-India Star' will become the norm rather than an exceptional title. I'm grateful for the opportunities that OTT has provided in this regard.

MW: If not an actor, what would you be?

Chaitanya: I would likely be involved in either the food industry or motorsports.

MW: Three things that nobody knows about you:

Chaitanya: Those are my secrets to keep! (laughs)

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