You Won't Believe What Americans Have Been Googling Since The #USelections2016 Results Came Out
You Won’t Believe What Americans Have Been Googling Since The #USelections2016 Results Came Out

No, they weren’t trying to figure out if Donald Trump was winning or not.

Yes, the worst has officially happened.


It started out as a joke. We never took him seriously. We never really thought he would be able to even clinch a nomination from the party. Well, guess what? Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America.


And, while the repercussions – social, financial, global – are mind-boggling, the immediate effect of the election was reflected in this morning’s Google search results. What is the most searched phrase on Google right now in America?


“How do I emigrate?”


Never before has it happened (other than KRK’s empty threats) that people actually want to leave a country following the elections. This query was closely followed by “how to emigrate to Canada?” and – because they are always so dramatic – “end of the world”. The fact that a bunch of people think there is something biblical about an election win shows you how ignorant a population is. Are we really surprised Trump won?


In related news, the Canadian government’s website also crashed due to heavy site traffic. It was inundated with people apparently searching for how to become Canadian citizens.

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