You Won't Believe How Many Bollywood Stars Have B'days Today
You Won’t Believe How Many Bollywood Stars Have B’days Today

Everyone, a very Happy Birthday!

We were discussing about doing a piece on why Farhan Akhtar should get back to directing, since it’s birthday. Then, we found out it wasn’t just HIS birthday. There were a few more birthdays that deserved our attention, and we concluded that we’d wish them all in one story together.


So without further ado, here’s our little open letter wishes for each of the Bollywood celebrity whose birthday it is today.


Dear Farhan Akhtar,


Please get back to directing. Unless you’re going to do another Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, we wish that you stay behind the camera or do a supporting role like you did in Daddy. In fact, it’s high time you acted and directed a movie, much like what so many actors like Sean Penn do in the west. Also, even though you’re not a bad singer, we think you’re way behind the likes of Arijit Singh – so please, don’t sing a lot. We’ve already heard you, and don’t wish for another song. Another movie, yes.


Dear Farah Khan,


Stay away from judging and hosting reality shows. Also, we’d like to get back into choreography full time for a bit since we need more epic and legendary moves like the ones we saw in Ek Pal Ka Jeena. Not that your movies are badly made, they’re just too high on overacting.


Dear Kalki Koechlin,


There’s no advice we can give you. Instead, we would like to take advice from you. You’re doing lots of work in quality indie cinema, and we hope that you continue on that front.


Dear Anusha Dandekar,


Where have you gone? We don’t see you as much on our TV sets as much as we’d like to. That said, a look at your Instagram account tells me that you’re having the time of your life. But well, we’d love to see you host again, probably with your equally talented sister Shibani Dandekar.


Everyone, a very Happy Birthday!

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