Is this the year of Birdman?
Is this the year of Birdman?

This year’s Oscars might just be the easiest to predict

There’s nothing exciting about the Academy Awards this year. If you have seen the nominated films, you can make easy guesses as to who’re taking the statues home. Here’s what we think:


It’s all in the writing


All the top films, from Birdman to Nightcrawler (one of the biggest snubs of this year) have been nominated in either the original or adapted screenplay categories. While Birdman will win it in the original category for its innovative magic realism, The Imitation Game might just take home the adapted screenplay trophy. Personally though, Inherent Vice is the best book of the lot, but hey, this ain’t the Pulitzers.


Meryl Streep – again?


Yes, Meryl ‘the best actor that ever lived’ Streep has garnered yet another nomination for the abysmal Into The Woods (she was the only salvage in the whole movie). But, the Academy, well known for spacing awards out, might just hand the Best Supporting Actress award to Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. Emma Stone, we love you, but there weren’t enough of you in Birdman, sadly. And for Best Supporting Actor, if they don’t give it to the fabulous Ed Norton, the Academy can just go and do un-Christian things to itself.


Cumberboy for life


Yes, he does not like these nicknames but Benedict Cumberbatch definitely deserves the top acting award for his portrayal of Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. Sorry, Michael Keaton, we are being partial and we know it. The Best Actress award is Marion Cotillard’s – according to us – for that fantastic performance in Two Days One Night. But we are doubtful that the Academy will do a repeat of La Vie En Rose. Julianne Moore is our second choice for Still Alice. She might finally win it this year.


And the Oscar goes to…


Now, this one is tricky. The Best Film nominations are an excellent collection of cinematic genius and heartfelt storytelling. So, is it possible for the two top awards to go to two separate films? We’ll try: while Alejandro González Iñárritu should take home the trophy for Best Direction, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (another unforgivable Oscar snub, especially for Ralph Fiennes) should win Best Film.


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