Wrangler's Latest Collection Is Proof That Icons Are Timeless
Wrangler’s Latest Collection Is Proof That Icons Are Timeless

The all-new Wrangler Icons Collection offers a stylish and modern take on some classic jeans, jackets and shirts from the brand’s archives

The all-new Wrangler Icons Collection offers a stylish and modern take on some classic jeans, jackets and shirts from the brand’s archives


Wrangler has stood for freedom, independence and self-reliance for over 100 years, when its original manufacturer – the Blue Bell Company – was established. It was the very first pair of modern 5-pocket jeans to be worn and endorsed by rodeo cowboys, as a testament to its legendary ruggedness. Evolving from being denim that could take a beating at the hands of these cowboys, Wrangler quickly became a style staple for iconic figures in popular culture – like John Lennon and Steve McQueen – because of its functionality, versatility and ‘outlaw’ appeal. To celebrate this heritage, Wrangler has reached into its archives and introduced its Icons Collection of jeans, shirts and jackets, for a new generation of wearers, who will be at the forefront of the iconic moments of today.

The collection consists of three styles of denim, inextricably linked to Wrangler’s journey. These have been re-styled and re-issued with modern touches, and have four different stages of wear and fade – new, one year, two years and three years.

  • NEW

This denim is crisp, rich and dark – straight from the mill.


These have a darker fade pattern, resembling a year of wear, while keeping to the denim connoisseur’s habit of rarely washing jeans.


These exhibit the lighter, less contrasted look of faded denim that comes from two years of wearing and washing regularly.


In line with the evolution of the “no wash” trend, this denim recreates the look of a pair of jeans that has been washed only a handful of times, with authentic fade patterns.


The original style of this pair of jeans had a pronounced ‘kick’, to fit over a cowboy’s boots. For the 2019 re-issue, these have been streamlined, but otherwise they retain the same slim profile, higher rise and original tobacco stitching against the revolutionary broken twill denim. They’re available in new, one-year, two-years and three-years wear and fade patterns.


This is an iconic denim jacket. Steve McQueen wore it buttoned up and with the collar popped, while John Lennon wore his open, and over a shirt or sweater. The design is timeless, and the reissue is virtually unchanged. The sleeves are slimmer, the body has been slightly lengthened and the proportions, positioning of the heritage tobacco stitching, rounded pocket flaps and copper buttons are all as per the original. It is available in new and three-year fades.


These were created for cowboys, but were rapidly embraced by rock stars. The 27MW, launched in the mid-1960s, became a blueprint for the western-style shirt. The re-issue remains faithful to the original, with authentic detailing on the shape and depth of the yokes, cuffs and plackets, colour and positioning of the stitching and details such as the W pocket stitching and pearl snaps. It is available in new and one-year fades.

The Wrangler Icons Collection will be available at key Wrangler outlets, with the collection ranging from Rs.3,195 to Rs.4,295.

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