#WorstOf2017 We Wish These People Hadn't Gone Viral
#WorstOf2017 We Wish These People Hadn’t Gone Viral

And we wish we could have ignored them completely.

It’s easier to predict our lives 10 years down the line, than it is predict the taste of Indian netizens. In 2017, we were subjected to several things going viral, that were extremely silly. 


Certainly, we didn’t share any of these things so you cannot blame us for society’s failure. But alas, these things were so ‘in your face’ that it was difficult to ignore them.

Thankfully, the phase is past us. Now we can look back and breathe a sigh of relief. 

Dhinchak Pooja

The ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’ has 25 million views. Why? Because people like to see something bad, and share it with their friends so that they can laugh about it. Dhinchak Pooja knows this, and she is cashing in on it. 


Omprakash Mishra

An extremely sexist song, Bolna Aunty Au Kya became a rage despite being absolutely ridiculous – both in terms of music and lyrics. We even asked a few musicians to react to the whole thing. They didn’t have kind things to say. “His genre of music doesn’t require much musical expertise barring a basic sense of rhythm. He doesn’t have even that! And let’s not even get into how badly auto-tuned that song is,” said Anand Bhaskar, a singer. 


Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Not only are his films hideous and unbelievably narcissistic, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was involved in a rape case this year which meant that some of the videos from his films went viral. The whole episode was so disgusting, that I avoided the whole fiasco to keep my sanity intact. 


RJ Malishka

Yes, RJ Malishka’s Sonu song did help create awareness about BMC’s disappointing performance during the Mumbai rains. But, that doesn’t mean it was musically good. Also, the song was parodied at least 1232324 times and most of them were just plain torture for the ears. 


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