The World's First Ever Solar Charged Jacket Is Here
The World’s First Ever Solar Charged Jacket Is Here

Calling out all nocturnal adrenaline junkies, here’s a jacket that’s perfect for you

Vollebak, A UK based sports-gear startup launched a jacket that absorbs sunlight throughout the day to glow in the dark.


The jacket was featured on TIME’s list of the best inventions of 2018. it is lined with a phosphorescent membrane that absorbs light during the day and starts to glow once the sun goes down. In the report by TIME, the founder Steve Tidball describes the glow produced by the jacket as “kryptonite green energy.” The jacket’s main source for absorbing light is the sun, but it isn’t just limited to sunlight, as it can be charged by almost any source of bright light. You can even draw patterns on the jacket using your phone’s flashlight.

The jacket does give people a chance to be unique in terms of style or appeal but was also created having another kind of use for it in mind, safety. The jacket can alert drivers or other people of the presence of a runner when they head out for a night jog. An injured person in a remote area can also be spotted very easily because of the glowing jacket. “It’s nice to know that rescuers can spot you,” said Tidball.

The jacket costs $350 but as of right now, it is completely sold out. You’ll need to be in a long waiting list to get your hands on this modern day marvel.

Header Credits – Vollebak Sports (Instagram)


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