Women Reveal All: How The Old Nokia Phones Gained Popularity As Vibrators
Women Reveal All: How The Old Nokia Phones Gained Popularity As Vibrators

A new survey reveals how women swear by the old Nokia phones as the perfect vibrators.

The brainchild of documentary filmmaker Paromita Vohra, Agents of Ishq is known for encouraging conversations about sex, sexuality, and everything in between. And since May is known as the International Masturbation month, they came up with a very revealing survey called AOI Female Masturbation Survey about women and their habits.


 In the survey, women revealed some of the most ridiculous things they’ve been told about masturbation. Some of them are as follows:



  •  You have such tiny fingers. How do you masturbate?





  •  That your vagina would seal itself and sex would be painful.





  •  Masturbation leads to the vagina expanding and eventually falling off.





  •  That masturbation makes you blind.



And this isn’t it. There were many more of such gems. The survey also revealed how the usual stereotype of women being more emotional and men being stimulated by visuals is just a myth. “You’ve heard that old one no, ‘Women like erotica, men like porn.’ Who knows what it means when one person’s romance novel is another’s porn and one person’s erotica is another’s yawn. A notable number of women did prefer to read but more than half preferred visual stimuli,” Agents of Ishq mentioned on their website.


When asked about the most unusual thing women have used to masturbate, “14% people preferred using what God gave them – their fingers – to masturbate. 24% preferred water – hand showers, jet sprays. That’s what we call good, clean fun.”


But the most interesting bit was the mention of the old Nokia phones in the survey. Everyone is already aware about the dumbphone rapidly gaining traction in today’s smartphone era, but this survey revealed another advantage of feature phones over any other. When asked about vibrators and sex toys, the website stated how, “The old Nokia vibrating phone made several appearances on this survey! We have no idea why that company is not the market leader after this!” In simple words, a number of women swear by the Nokia device as a substitute for vibrators.


The website also revealed a number of funny stories recalled by the women who took this survey. Take a look at the complete survey here.

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