Will She? Won’t She?
Will She? Won’t She?

She disappointed millions of Indian men when she didn’t go ahead with it the last time, but #ThisWorldCupPoonamPandeyWill

It’s the time of the year when you start betting. No, not on who wins the world cup. Start betting on whether Poonam Pandey will fulfill her promise to strip to the nude if our boys lift the cup again. As we close in on the world cup that starts on the 14th February, the infamous Pandey has started trending on Twitter with the hashtag #ThisWorldCupPoonamPandeyWill.


She was the media’s darling in 2011 when everyone wanted to see whether she kept her word when we won the cup. The BCCI played spoilsport and banned her from doing so when she sent a letter to the cricket board, seeking permission to allow her to strip for the boys in private, if not publicly. She did post a nude shot after KKR won the IPL in 2012.


As a run up to the main event, Pandey has been uploading teasing photographs of herself on social media platforms for her followers (whom she lovingly calls ‘tweethearts’), asking them for suggestions and ideas for the big ‘showdown’. Twitter is, obviously, bursting with numerous memes and jokes –




Q: Who’s Poonam Pandey’s favorite player in Indian team ? A: Boobneshwar Kumar. 😉




#ThisWorldCupPoonamPandeyWill Do “Lungi Dance” Without Lungi!!!


No, we never said they were in good taste. Or funny. Here’s raising a toast to Pandey, and her campaign against the tyranny of clothes.



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