What Makes CK Defy the Ultimate Fragrance of ‘22
What Makes CK Defy the Ultimate Fragrance of ‘22

Calvin Klein has expanded its fragrance portfolio by introducing Calvin Klein Defy Eau De Parfum, after the success of its Eau De Toilette, with actor Richard Madden shining in the fragrance’s celebratory campaign

Calvin Klein’s Eau De Toilette has been a raging success with CK fans as well as those who got introduced to the brand via the fragrance, but there’s news for you. The fashion house has added another scent to its collection: Calvin Klein Defy Eau De Parfum.



Set against a blue twilight sky, the campaign starts with actor Richard Madden’s self-reflecting and defying moments culminating in a courageous leap of faith, a symbolic metaphor for personal defiance and daring to take risks. Wearing the fashion house’s famous jeans and signature white T-shirt, the Scottish star’s eyes meet the camera with a rebellious look, while a landscape is blurred in the distance, and the powerful deep blue sky depicts the hues of the fragrance bottle.


Curated by senior perfumer Pascal Gaurin, the fragrance starts with a seductive leather note contrasted by exhilarating freshness. While encompassing the same woody signature as the original Eau de Toilette, this Eau de Parfum has a rather unexpected but welcoming warm and dark twist. The fragrance opens with a burst of citrus highlighted by Mandarin Oil. At the heart, an addictive Leather accord adds modern masculinity and builds extreme contrast to rich Vetiver Oil at the base. To reflect the fragrance’s modernity, 80.6 per cent of ingredients are naturally sourced.


Housed in a luxurious bottle, the new packaging pays an ode to the uber cool heritage of Calvin Klein’s design codes. A juxtaposition of opposing forces celebrating the two sides — vulnerable yet courageous — the bottle is symbolised by its curves and contrasted by sharp and powerful corners. A sophisticated coloured bottle in an intense navy blue gradient resembles the notes of the campaign’s twilight, whereas the flacon is topped off with a textured matte blue cap inspired by Calvin Klein denim.


Calvin Klein CK Defy Eau De Parfum comes in 200ml, 100ml, and 50ml bottles, and now is available to shop online and in stores.


Images: Calvin Klein

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