What Is FIFA President Gianni Infantino's Net Worth In 2023?
What Is FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s Net Worth In 2023?

Before succeeding Sepp Blatter, Infantino served as general secretary at the UEFA

Gianni Infantino will continue to serve as president of FIFA, after being re-appointed in what was the first election since he took reign in 2016 from Sepp Blatter. He will now continue to hold the post since 2027, following which he will be eligible to contest one more election.


“Let me simply thank all of you,” Infantino told delegates after being confirmed of his post. “Those who love me, you are many, and the few who hate me, I love you all. Being FIFA president is a big honour and privilege but also a huge responsibility. You can continue to trust my commitment.”

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Infantino was slammed for defending Qatar, the anti-LGBTQ nation, for hosting the last editions of the World Cup. Under his stewardship, FIFA is now extending the number of teams from 32 to 48 for the 2026 World Cup.


Infantino has predicted that FIFA will almost double their income in the 2026 World Cyp, set to be staged in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. But how much Infantino himself earns?

Gianni Infantino Net Worth

As per Forbes, Infantino was ranked 75th in their list of the most powerful man in the world, back in 2018. Before succeeding Sepp Blatter, Infantino served as general secretary at the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Infantino, although born in Switzerland, considers himself Italian, and is also credited with introducing Video Assistant Referee to football.

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While Blatter took home in the excess of £2.2million-a-year when he was the president, Infantino had to take a pay cut, and his salary was around £1.16m-a-year, and he famously refused to take a bonus in the first year of his tenure. But then in 2019, his salary rose to $3.2 million per year. 


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He also owns the burger chain called Fat Boy Burger in Rome, and has several restaurants and spa centres across the world. His net worth is over $15 million.


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