Welcome To Internet's Newest Diet Fad: The Military Diet
Welcome To Internet’s Newest Diet Fad: The Military Diet

Thanks to the military diet, you can rock those skinny jeans in no time

If you plan on shedding a few pounds, well, the internet has just the solution for you. Thanks to the military diet, you can rock those pair of skinny jeans in no time.


More importantly, the Kardashians have vouched for it. And, that’s how you know it’s legit.


For one, this diet definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. And, in the end, you will be grasping at straws to make it through the day. So, buckle up, because things are about to get real.


Here’s everything you need to know about the military diet:


It is an extremely low-calorie diet that’s based on the principles of consuming the right combination of metabolism-boosting foods. As per claims, you can see the results in less than a week.


You start off by fasting over a three-day period, and then you take four days off from the diet. Instead of burning calories, this diet focuses on restricting calories altogether.


As per Everyday Health, “This diet is also low in fat and really just relies on the lack of calories to help people to shed weight quickly.”


During this three-day period, all your calories are accounted for. Bid adieu to munching. You must stay under the 1000 calorie day which isn’t much. After the excruciating difficult 3-day period, you have the liberty to consume about 1500 calories, which is just as difficult. There are no cheat days.


During the military diet, you should stay away from sugar, creamers, milk and oranges. But, you can binge on almost anything your heart desires for e.g. ice-cream, meat, tea or coffee although stay away from processed food. The only goal is to stay under the calorie limit.


But is this worth it?


Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, you might want to hold onto your horses before you dive head-first into this elaborate plan or a lack thereof. It is a quick fix to losing a few kilos in a short period of time, but over the long run, you might just gain all the lost weight along with a few extra pounds.


More importantly, you should check with your doctor before you jump the gun.

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