Soft Toy With Testicles And More In This Week's WTF News
Soft Toy With Testicles And More In This Week’s WTF News

Let us show you the actual weird stuff happening around the globe

Like every week, we bring you the most WTF things to have happened since Monday. Remeber all those times you took a #quirky picture with your best friend and captioned it “being weird with my bestie, xox” on Instagram? Well, let us show you the actual weird stuff happening around the globe. This week’s edition of WTF news includes:


Teddy with testicles


A teddy sheep has hit the markets and it has a feature that you don’t see in most toys – testicles. Herwick the Sheep, sold by Herdy, is a limited edition item priced at £129. The toy is super adorable, to be honest – you’ll just need to explain some stuff to your kids if you’re getting it for them.





Giant phallus


Move over, Great Wall of China, it’s time for the Giant Phallus of Australia. Mirror UK reports that a prankster drew a penis in the bottom of a dry lake in Geelong, Victoria and the work of art is so massive that it can be spotted by Google Maps users.



(Credits: Google)


Worm Woman


At first, the pictures might appear to be a cosmetic surgery gone wrong but it’s way worse – a Russian woman got a bump on her face checked and it turned out to be a live worm. According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, the woman noticed that the bump moved from under her eyelid to above her eye and then down to her upper lip. The doctors had to remove the parasite using a pair of forceps.



(Credit: New England Journal Of Medicine)

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