Wardrobe Failures
Wardrobe Failures

Ten things that Indian men should throw out of their wardrobes, right now.

Trousers with the wrong length


When buying trousers, always make sure that the length is just right. Ideally, the length is characterised by one fold in the fabric when the cuff is resting on the shoe. Typically, the back of the pants cuff hits the middle of your shoes, between the opening and the top of the heel.


Broken/torn footwear


We can’t lay enough emphasis on how much your footwear talks about your personality. Get decent pairs of shoes that would work for every outfit and occasion. They need not be expensive. Stick to classics like black laced-ups, tan loafers, white sneakers and brown sandals. That’s all you need. Throw them away if they are over-used.


Low-crotch pants


These have never looked good on anyone, not even Ranveer Singh or Akshay Kumar or even Honey Singh. What makes you think it would look good on you then?


Colourful aviators


Who are you kidding? Colourful aviators look awful. Stick to classic aviators with black shades and gold rims. Unless you are at some music festival and trying to be a hipster.


Bucket hats


Bucket hats are for toddlers, which you are not. So, invest in a fedora or a bowler hat if you are into headgears.


Beaded jewellery


Remember the time when wearing a bunch of beaded bracelets was in vogue? That time’s gone, so make sure you ditch them.


Satin shirts


You are not a participant at Dancing with the Stars (Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa). Even if you are, keep the satin shirts strictly for the stage then.


Mesh tank tops


Mesh tank tops are meant for Halloween parties, if you are dressing up as those taporis from the 90s (Aamir Khan in Ghulam, Shah Rukh Khan in Shakti). And tank tops are meant for the gym. So, cover yourself up with a jacket before you step out, however hot it may be.


Anything with stains on it


If the stain didn’t go then, it won’t go now. You would just end up being embarrassed and conscious about it when you wear it. And no, don’t try to pull off a ‘bohemian’ look just for the heck of it.


Floral shirts


Unless you’re on the beach, hide this at the back of your closet.



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