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Coolest Summer Fragrances

Scents that will make people ask what you are wearing

While we stan having a signature scent and leaning on it just like your 3AM friend, investing in a couple more doesn’t hurt. We are talking about days when your mood swings from fresh Friday evening to grumpy Monday morning blues! Now that the weather is changing and mercury is rising, it’s ideal to shift to cooler notes and take a short break from leathery, woody scents. 

Perfumes with citrus, sweet, floral notes can be your pick for summers– think of being transported to a beach destination where you can hear waves crashing on the shore and feel sand on your toes. If you are someone who enjoys wearing intense notes or the one who doesn’t mind experimenting, we have an elaborative list of scents that can be a part of your summer shelf. 


Ex Nihlo Chandigarh Express 


Talking to men who find it tough to transition from intense to sweet-smelling scents, here’s a solution. This luxury pick is one for the shelf with floral olfactory, but leather and patchouli notes at heart and base. It’s modern but with traditional roots; with an exotic blend of jasmine, cardamon and vetiver, it’s the prefect summer pick. 


Guess Uomo Acqua EDT 


Calmness of ocean or wild spirit–if you pick both as your personality trait, the chances are you’ll love wearing Uomo Acqua by Guess. Its notes of lemon, juniper and sandalwood talk to the men who fierce, free-spirited, and enjoy life to the fullest. Did I just describe you? 


Jimmy Choo Man Aqua 

Jimmy Choo Men Fragrance

A classic woody-marine fragrance, this one is for those who find themselves enjoying sitting by the side of ocean. It’s bold but understated. With fruity notes of grapefruit on top, marine accord at heart, and patchouli and salted moss at base, this one is fresh, invigorating, and lingering.  


Coach Green 

Coach Men Fragrance

Life would be perfect if we could get an occasional nature escape amidst the fast-moving city life, isn’t it? While that may be a perfect dream, it could be felt a bit closer with Coach Green that opens with fruity notes of kiwi, with aroma of rosemary at heart and earthy notes of crystal moss and cedarwood at base. A woody fruity scent for the win! 


Tom Ford Oud Minérale 

OUD MINERALE 1080 x 1350.jpg

Luxurious, indulgent, and perfect for every season, this one makes for a classic edition. With marine and mineral accords, and warmth of patchouli and cedarwood, you don’t need a changing season to own this one. It’s intense, lingering, sensuous, and definitely for those who want to leave an impact, a one to remember.  


Mont Blanc Explorer Platinum 

MONTBLANC Men Fragranace

Silver textured bottle sleeve, and the design reminiscent of a timeless watch piece, this one is for a keepsake. Made for the man who loves being on a new adventure, is fearless, and doesn’t mind pushing his limits, its notes range from fruit grapefruit to warm amber and musky woods.  


Boss Bottled Elixir 

Boss Men Fragrance

Introduced in 2023 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of iconic Boss Bottled, this can be a quintessential addition to your grooming routine. With cardamom, vetiver, patchouli, and cedarwood, this is sure to leave a charismatic impression, the one that’s unforgettable and bold.  

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