The Ultimate Guide To Suit Patterns Every Man Should Know
The Ultimate Guide To Suit Patterns Every Man Should Know

Know the rules before you try to break them

At one level, a suit is a statement of class. At another, it rises gallantly to the challenges of the natural flaws of the human body – drooping shoulders, short legs, long arms, sometimes one longer than the other. A good suit will correct even those outsized torsos. Therefore it’s important that you know suit patterns beyond the monotonous solids and how to make it work best for you. 



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Most common in business suits, the striped pattern does not just look elegant, it is also a good choice for shorter men for the illusion of height it creates with its vertical lines. The width between the stripes gives this pattern a range of options with the pinstripe the most ubiquitous. This pattern is made from pin-sized dots made in silk or cotton and then woven into worsted cloth. The other most common pattern is the chalkstripe which consists of large attention-grabbing white stripes



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An eye-catcher for sure, the Windowpane pattern got a trendy makeover when Tom Ford featured it in his 2009 campaign. Like the Glen check, it’s good for sports and casual jackets. On a business suit, it spells flamboyance. The larger windowpane checks can blend nicely with other check patterns in the Suit – like a gingham patterned shirt or small checks on the pocket square.



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Distinctive for its zigzag pattern, it isn’t too flashy for any occasion. And it matches well with almost all kinds of shoes and ties.


Glen check

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Found largely in woolen fabric, it features twill design woven into it in the form of alternating small and large checks. It is seen in a variety of colors as well as black and white.



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A relic of the Scottish past, the houndstooth pattern is made from wool and tweed fabrics. The abstract black and white pattern works well with a striped shirt and a solid tie.


The Pinhead

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A subtle geometric pattern, it features a solid color in the background with small pinheads on it. Though not striking, the pattern stands out when paired with a similar colored tie or shirt.


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