Tom Hanks Thinks 'The Da Vinci Code' Trilogy Was 'Hooey'
Tom Hanks Thinks The ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Movie Series Was ‘Commercial Hooey’

The Da Vinci Code series made close to $1.5 billion worldwide at the box office

Tom Hanks may have been a part of many great films, but he doesn’t seem to be very thrilled about all his choices. The actor looked back at of the most successful trilogies he was a part of and isn’t convinced of it. The actor was talking about The Da Vinci Code.  


Hanks told The New York Times that he’s “not a cynic” when discussing the history and his career, but he found it cynical to make two sequels to 2006’s The Da Vinci Code. He said, “God, that was a commercial enterprise. Yeah, those Robert Langdon sequels are hooey. The Da Vinci Code was hooey. I mean, Dan Brown, God bless him, says, ‘Here is a sculpture in a place in Paris! No, it’s way over there. See how a cross is formed on a map? Well, it’s sort of a cross.”


The series is based on the books by Dan Brown. Sharing his opinion on this, Hank added, “Those are delightful scavenger hunts that are about as accurate to history as the James Bond movies are to espionage. But they’re as cynical as a crossword puzzle. All we were doing is promising a diversion.”


However, Hanks has no qualms about being a part of the mystery-thriller trilogy as it made close to $1.5 billion worldwide at the box office. “There’s nothing wrong with good commerce, provided it is good commerce. By the time we made the third film (Inferno), we proved that it wasn’t such good commerce,” the actor added.


“Let me tell you something else about The Da Vinci Code,” Hanks explained, “It was my 40th-something birthday. We were shooting in the Louvre at night. I changed my pants in front of the Mona Lisa! They brought me a birthday cake in the Grand Salon! Who gets to have that experience? Any cynicism there? Hell no!”


Talking about his next projects, Tom Hanks will be seen in Elvis. He plays Colonel Parker, the manager of Elvis Presley who is played by Austin Butler. The Baz Luhrmann-directed drama is lined up for a theatrical release on June 24th. The actor will also be seen playing Geppetto, the wood-carver who creates and cares for Pinocchio in Disney’s upcoming live-action film based on the 1940 animated classic.


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