Timed with style
Timed with style

Michael Foley, a designer and watch connoisseur, gears up for his role as a watch curator for Amazon.in

How did your collaboration with Amazon.in come about?


I’ve been designing watches for a while now and I understand the likes and the wants of the consumer. I think that’s what got Amazon’s attention. And with the online space growing right now, it was natural for me to look at this opportunity and try and bring more credibility to this space.


What is your role as a curator at Amazon.in?


My role is to enhance the consumers’ experience while shopping online by making them aware of the different kinds of watches, get an understanding of the chronograph and international trends that they could adapt here in India. I would also be reviewing specific products on monthly basis so the consumer can learn more about the products and make educated choices.


What is the current trend in watches?


Sportswear is a big trend right now and that is catching up in watches as well. People have become more experimental and are open to trying new things like bold colours, huge dials and printed straps. A lot of industrial materials are gaining interests like carbon fiber and rubber. Another interesting trend is showing off the mechanism of the watch, hence giving it a vintage look. Colours like copper and rose gold in metals are also ‘in’.


What is the future for watches in terms of innovation?


The fusion between technology and watches is growing right now and that is largely because of the extensive growth of smart devices. The purpose of a watch will no longer be just to tell time but it will turn into a device altogether. Simple tools and technology that you can use to communicate and connect with will be introduced in watches, for example connecting you watch with your phone via WiFi.


Which are your favourite watch labels?


I prefer watches that are simple and enduring, which is why I like watches from brands like IWC and Georg Jensen. I also like Swatch for the different trends and interesting collections they come up with every season.


What are the three ‘must-haves’ that every man should have in his wardrobe?


I lean towards minimalism and it’s all about craftsmanship for me. So a good pair of shoes is a must for every wardrobe, especially hand-crafted ones, a tailored suit that fits you well and of course, a watch that goes along with the rest of your wardrobe.




By Saloni Dhruv

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